Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Guide – All Bosses and How to Beat Them

FromSoftware's action title is full of dangerous bosses, big and small. Here's how to take them all down with minimal fuss.

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Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon isn’t a Souls-borne title, but FromSoftware still showcases its pedigree for intense boss fights. Whether you fight tanks, helicopters, or enemy Armored Cores, here’s how to defeat all the bosses. Spoilers follow, so beware.

All Bosses and How to Beat Them

How to Beat AH 12: HC Helicopter

Avoid its machine gun fire, which can track you, by taking cover behind buildings. You can stay underneath to avoid the same, though it will launch rockets that deal extensive damage. If possible, try to dash in after it’s made a sweep and attack with your melee weapon.

How to Beat Dafeng Student Pilot

Avoid its burst-fire shots and try to stay on him, striking with your pulse blade when possible. His blade strikes are telegraphed, so you could hang back and pile on the missiles before rushing forward.

How to Beat Index Durham

Clear out any other units nearby to ensure you’re not taking off-screen damage. Since you have two allied units, dogpile on Durham when possible. Just be wary of his missiles, since they shoot straight into the sky and rain down.

How to Beat EB-309 Strider

The EB-390 Strider requires destroying its leg to halt movement. Climb up on it and take out the four sub-generators next, avoiding any laser attacks from the top and the turrets. After they’re all down, return to the top and destroy the laser. Dodge in one direction to avoid the beam, and jump to avoid getting caught in the environment.

How to Beat HA-T-102 Juggernaut

Bring a long-range weapon to this fight. Dodge to the side when the Juggernaut starts charging. Aim at its back with attacks, including missiles. It has a fast turning speed, so follow up and avoid the heavy guns in front.

How to Beat Little Ziyi

Little Ziyi likes to fire explosive rounds, starting the battle with one while flying in. Pelt her with long-range damage while quickly moving around.

How to Beat Sulla

Sulla fires explosive shots and some pulse rounds. The best method for dealing with him is to get close, and either slice with the pulse blade or unload with a shotgun.

How to Beat AAP07: Balteus

Balteus has a barrier that can absorb lots of damage. He’ll also unleash tons of homing projectiles, so dash towards him to avoid them and cut through his barrier with the pulse blade. Use missiles and an explosive weapon to stagger him. Beware of Balteus’s giant electric pulse, which regenerates his barrier, and the flamethrower.

How to Beat “Invincible” Rummy

Rummy drops in from above, so back away quickly when he lands to avoid his melee attack. He also has a shotgun, so fighting back and unleashing rifle shots and missiles is the way to go. Once staggered, go in for the kill with your plasma blade.

How to Beat Smart Cleaner

The Smart Cleaner has some super-heated rollers in the front and a volcano-like crown spewing explosive projectiles. It also unleashes a stream of flames in front that leaves burning ground. Fly above its “volcano” and unleash a barrage of missiles inside to build stagger. You can also target the glowing red window in the center of its rollers. As its health depletes, the Smart Cleaner will use its rollers to release more exploding projectiles.

How to Beat IA-13: Sea Spider

Start attacking the Sea Spider with all your weapons as soon as it drops. Dash towards it to avoid the lasers, though be careful when it attacks with its legs. It also launches explosives into the air, which rain down and can land near when you’re trying to attack. When low on health, it hovers above the arena and unleashes hellfire, so stay in the air and beat it down with a melee weapon. Be careful when it starts spinning since this can do sizable damage.

How to Beat AS07: Heavy Warship

After dispatching your current opponent, the Warship will send ACs to take you out. Avoid its projectiles and dispatch them quickly. When one is left, it sends flying units and unleashes a hail of sweeping lasers. Take out the incoming flyers, and rush the Warship. Target the bridge to kill it quickly.

How to Beat V.VII Swinburne

Unleash rockets and long-range shots at the start and follow up with melee attacks. Dodge the rockets, and continue striking with the pulse blade to stagger. He retaliates with melee attacks when close, so be careful. Keep up the pressure and Swinburne eventually falls.

How to Beat PCA SP 2nd Lieutenant and PCA SP Chief Sergeant 1st Class

The 2nd Lieutenant will stab and lift you with its blade for significant damage, so get back quickly or dodge. He’ll be left open afterwards, so capitalize with melee strikes. Try to get him in a corner and inflict stagger damage with your projectiles. The 1st Class fires charged long-range shots and missiles. Dodge them and fire missiles for the stagger, then punish.

How to Beat PCA Warrant Officer

The Warrant Officer has a shield that it likes to bash you with. Avoid those hits and its beam rifle shots, and melee it up close. Beware its charged shots and missiles, and keep up the pressure to take it down.

How to Beat PCA Captain and PCA 1st Lieutenant

V.IV Rusty joins you in this battle against the two PCA ACs. The 1st Lieutenant has a shield and fights from afar, so get in close (but be careful of close-range fire). Rusty should handle the PCA Captain, so jump in and finish him off while avoiding his pulse blade.

How to Beat “Honest” Brute

Brute immediately starts spraying fire, so retreat quickly. Use missiles or a long-range weapon. If your AP is high enough, rush through and melee him. Brute also has a strong melee attack, so keep an eye on his left arm.

How to Beat Raven

You go up against the original Raven, but fortunately, he’s not that threatening. He favors long-range attacks like missiles and a rifle, while also firing an explosive shot. At half health, he unleashes an electric discharge. Avoid it and get in close for melee attacks whenever possible to quickly wear him down.

How to Beat IA-02: Ice Worm

The Ice Worm, as the name denotes, is a giant mechanized worm. It moves above and below ground, and fires homing lasers. Keep pace of its front to take down its shields while avoiding contact with its body. It will eventually re-emerge and remain stunned so you can attack its face. Destroy the drones it deploys, and repeat. Just be careful when it starts rampaging under 50 percent health.

How to Beat AB08: Nepenthes

Nepenthes takes some time to reach and launches missiles all the while. Don’t attack the top-most part. Instead, get under its cap and unleash all your attacks.

How to Beat G5 Iguazu

With quick firing capabilities and decent movement, Iguazu may have been a pain if the arena wasn’t so small. Fortunately, you can close the distance quickly and dispatch him with melee attacks and missiles.

How to Beat AAP03: ENFORCER / Enforcement System

Despite its size, the AAP03: ENFORCER moves quickly, unleashing missiles, long-range shots and more. It will still move even when its energy depletes. Once it stops, dash in with melee strikes to deal significant damage.

How to Beat IA-C01: EPHEMERA / Enforcement System

EPHEMERA favors tracking lasers and plasma shots and is much speedier than ENFORCER. It even unleashes wave slashes from mid-range. If you have a shield, deploy it and rush in with melee attacks when it’s backed into a corner.

How to Beat G1 Michigan

Michigan has several other squad members watching his back, so try not to get surrounded. Be careful of his multitudes of missiles and close-range electric discharge, which can linger for a time. Once heavier units start rolling in, dispose of them first and focus on Michigan. Don’t risk melee attacks, since you could open yourself to opposing fire.

How to Beat V.IV Rusty

Rusty moves fast, not even slowing after his energy depletes, and relies on burst-fire weapons. If possible, emit an electric wave of your own and try to get in one good explosive shot. Once he’s staggered, unleash with faster-firing weapons. Rusty has a pulse saber as well, so try to avoid it.

How to Beat V.VI Maeterlinck and G3 Wu Huahai

G3 Wu Huahai has numerous weapons and an energy shield to go with surprising mobility. Use the buildings for cover, get in close and strike with melee attacks. Maeterlinck moves much faster, using plasma and pulse shots while also having a shield. Try backing it into a corner and striking with the pulse blade.

How to Beat IB-01: CEL 240

The Ibis will immediately charge forward with its drones firing lasers. Instead of dodging, power through and strike with a blade attack. Its drones can criss-cross lasers, and it will fly over, firing a massive charged beam, so keep moving. Beware of its dual-blade attack, especially when passing through its drones to get in close.

How to Beat V.II Snail

Snail’s attacks consist of a charging stab, electric primary shots and plasma attacks. Keep a safe distance, side-stepping his stabs, and be careful of the electric discharge at close range.

How to Beat “Cinder” Carla and “Chatty” Stick

Both Carla and Stick fire tons of missiles – avoid them and close the distance with Snail, but be careful of attacks from behind by Carla. If you focus on Carla, avoid Snail’s shots and stay close, striking her with melee attacks. Mop up Snail afterwards.

How to Beat V.II Snail (2nd Fight)

Snail returns for a rematch but is piloting a Balteus-style AC. It fires plasma streams and pulse shots, while also having a shield. Bring the shield down first and after staggering, attack with close-range weapons. When down to 50 percent health, Snail leaves a plasma trail and fires a massive orb before unleashing a beam.

How to Beat G5 Iguazu and G4 Volta

Volta and Iguazu work well together, moving fast and assailing you with shotgun blasts, missiles and more. Keep moving and try to take out Volta, since it moves faster and is arguably more dangerous.

How to Beat G2 Nile

G2 Nile unleashes tons of missiles but is otherwise easy enough to handle. It will create a shield after losing half health, so break it and finish him off.

How to Beat G5 Iguazu

You fight Iguazu solo at one point, and he uses an energy shield but otherwise fights the same. Other enemy ACs with barriers and electric whips will show up to assist. Quickly dispatch them and then slay Iguazu.

How to Beat PCA 2nd Lieutenant, Chief Sergeant 2nd Class and Chief Sergeant 1st Class

The 2nd Lieutenant is up first – avoid its blade attacks, and you’ll be fine. The Chief Sergeant 2nd Class and 1st Class arrive after, with the former easily dispatched. The latter has a shield and launches more missiles but otherwise dies as quickly.

How to Beat AAS02: CATAPHRACT / PCA SP Captain

A venerable tank, the CATAPHRACT will charge and unleash hails of shots and missiles. Stay above and dodge its missiles while raining down fire. It is capable of jumping but in a limited capacity. Stay on top and avoid its charged shots to emerge victorious.

How to Beat King, Chartreuse and Raven

Despite its odd shape, Chartreuse is easy to corner and dispatch. Avoid its lasers and bazooka, then break through its shield at half health. King moves faster and deals more laser damage, but is also easy to take down (avoid its electric discharge). Raven joins the fight eventually, using the same moves as his solo fight.

How to Beat Coldcall

Coldcall favors laser weapons and charged shots, while also being somewhat slippery. Fortunately, the arena is confined, so it’s not too hard to corner him. Bring a sword and take cover under the ramp when possible.

How to Beat V.V Hawkins and V.VIII Pater

Middle Flatwell helps you out here, so get the drop on Pater first. Though he has an energy shield and fires plasma, he’s easily staggered and has low health. Be careful of his pulsar blade at close range, and after he’s down, gang up on Hawkins.

How to Beat V.IV Rusty and Middle Flatwell

This is essentially the same fight as with Rusty, but with Flatwell joining in the middle. Focus on taking out Rusty first since he’s the bigger threat.

How to Beat Arquebus Main Squad Member

Along with tracking projectiles, this AC has a shield, which it charges to bash you with. Avoid its plasma shots, attacking from above and below to eventually beat it.

How to Beat V.I Freud

Freud talks big but can back it up with explosive shots and electric discharges. He’s also fast, generates a barrier and falters only momentarily when staggered. Use that moment to deal high damage with single-shot weapons and finish him.

How to Beat STEEL HAZE ORTUS / Rusty

Rusty has a new AC, but many of his tactics remain similar. Keep your distance and avoid his blade attacks while building stagger.

How to Beat Thumb Dolmayan

Available in New Game++ when pursuing the Alea lacta Est ending, Thumb Dolmayan uses missiles and a pulsar blade. Keep your distance and build stagger for your more damaging weapons.

How to Beat V.III O’Keeffe

O’Keeffe isn’t too difficult, though you still must beware of his plasma shots. It’s more of a conversation, above all else.

How to Beat V.III Pater

Pater moves fast and unleashes tons of missiles while also using a shield. He’s thankfully not too tough, so keep close and pile on the damage.

How to Beat Handler Walter

When trying to unlock the Liberator of Rubicon ending, Handler Walter is the final boss in the story. He fires lasers from long and mid-range, unleashes flames up close (wielding them like a sword) and releases an electric discharge around him. Use missiles at range and close-range weapons to quickly whittle him down.

How to Beat IB-07: SOL 644 / Ayre

When going for the Fires of Raven ending, Ayre is the final boss, piloting an Ibis series AC. She moves very fast, attacking with lasers, a large pulse saber and even charging at you, depleting a sizable chunk of HP. Take down her shield to deal some damage. Be careful of her crazy explosive attack when her health drops below 50 percent.

How to Beat ALLMIND

The true final boss, necessary to get the Alea lacta Est ending, ALLMIND starts by firing a massive plasma beam. Take down the other ACs while avoiding ALLMIND’s plasma attacks. After the first phase, Ayre arrives to help while two ships assist ALLMIND. Avoid the boss’s lasers, electric charge and melee strikes. At low health, it uses a massive pulsar claw to attack, so beware.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our review, and how to unlock all the endings here.

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