Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – How To Level Up Faster, Gain XP Quickly, And Unlock All Skills

A guide to leveling up and getting the best abilities in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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assassins creed odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new entry in the series builds directly upon last year’s Origins by further continuing the franchise’s transition towards becoming a full fledged open world RPG. There’s a lot of systems and mechanics in place in this game- hitbox based combat, parkour, gear, dialog choices, choices and consequences, leveling and XP, quests, and more. We’re here to help make your life a bit easier with this guide.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is pretty strict about its levels- be even slightly underleveled and your life will be miserable. Additionally, actually leveling up can take a while, since payouts are largely restricted to quests and objectives. That said, there are still ways to level up quicker in the game:

  • Explore the map. You get XP for finding new places, so just… go around the map. Fast Travel can be alluring, especially given the size of the mp, but the XP gains from exploring make actually trudging through Ancient Greece worth it
  • Check XP rewards on available quests. Your quest rewards are colored- Gold is the highest tier, then purple, then blue. I recommend trying to take on the Purple quests you have- you’re too underleveled for the Gold ones, but the Purple ones should be within reach, and net you a lot of XP in one go
  • Don’t ignore side quests. You already shouldn’t be doing this, since a lot of them are well written, but they can give you valuable XP- don’t ignore them!
  • Complete objectives. This includes Forts and the like- as mentioned previously, these get you XP.

Plus, the video below has a bit more to say on this topic:


Baseline Abilities

  • Meditation – Lets you change the time of day.
  • Summon Phobos – The ability to summon Phobos, and to auto mount him while you are moving
  • Eyes of Ikaros – Your Eagle Vision ability that helps you locate and mark targets.
    • Upgrade – Ikaros can identify enemy paths, and harass enemies during combat
  • Leap of Faith – Fall damage is reduced
    • Upgrade – Falling damage is nullified
  • Assassination – Assassination damage either results in an OHKO, or at least in severe damage to the target
  • Man at Arms– Lets you equip a second weapon, and quick swap to it
  • Whistle – Use to attract the attention of nearby enemies
  • Knockout and Recruiting – Recruit knocked out enemies to join the crew of the Adrestia.
  • Defensive Maneuvers – Parry, dodge, or roll out of danger of an incoming attack. Perfectly timed dodges briefly slow time, and lets you attack an opening with a flurry of blows

Assassin Abilities

  • Hero Strike – Inflicts 60% Assassin damage.
  • Slow Time – Slows time down for about 5 seconds
  • Shadow of Nyx – Lets you become invisible as long as you stand still. Consumes adrenaline.
  • Critical Assassination – Launch a stealth attack with 150% Assassin damage as long as you are not in conflict, and in range
  • Stealth Master – Movement and Assassination noise reduced
  • Rush Assassination – Ranged attack that deals 100% Assassin damage up close.
    • Upgrade – Deals 110% Assassin damage up close.
  • Revelation –Reveals all secrets, including chests and hidden passages, as well as tag all enemies, in a radius of 15 metres
    • Upgrade – Radius increased to 20 meters
  • Call to Arms – Lets you summon a Lieutenant who distracts enemies for up to 20 seconds
  • Poison Mastery – Poison resistance up by 10%
  • Vanish – Stun targets for up to 6 seconds. Attacking them breaks their paralysis
  • Shadow Assassin – Assassination and Knock Out damage increased by 15%
    • Upgrade – Assassination and Knock Out damage are increased by 15%. CRIT damage is increased by 25%
  • Venomous Attacks – Melee weapons and Normal Arrows inflict Poison damage for 15 seconds.

Warrior Abilities

  • Spartan Kick – This. Is. Sparta! Knocks a target back and deals 190% Warrior damage. You can recruit the target afterwards
    • Upgrade – Upgrade to 200% Warrior damage. Generates a shockwave that hits multiple nearby enemies
  • Charged Heavy Attack – Deals 100% Warrior damage, knocks back, and breaks guard
    • Upgrade – Upgraded to 150% Warrior damage
  • Second Wind – Refills 25% of Max Health
    • Upgrade – Refills 35% of max Health
  • Bull Rush – Run through enemies, knocking them back and dealing 180% Warrior damage
  • Weapons Master – Permanently increases Warrior Damage by 10%
  • Shield Breaker – Break all shields, Stun the target, and deal 160% Warrior damage
    • Upgrade – Upgraded to 180% Warrior damage, plus the shield explodes into shrapnel that damages nearby enemies
  • Ring of Chaos – A shockwave deals 110% damage and Stuns enemies in a 3 meter radius
  • Flaming Attacks – Melee weapons and Normal Arrows inflict Fire damage for 15 seconds.
  • Overpower Attacks – Powerful attacks, vary based on what weapon you are using
  • Gear Master – Armor increased by 10%
  • Fire Mastery –  Fire buildup increased by 10%

Hunter Abilities

  • Sixth Sense – Time slows down for 5 seconds when you are seen by enemies. During this time, aimed arrows lock on to the target’s torso and deal 150% Hunter damage
  • Multi Shot – Target up to 4 enemies at the same time and deal 150% Hunter damage to each
  • Devastating shot – Let loose an arrow to deal 150% Hunter damage. Effectiveness of Fire and Poison Arrows increases by 150%
  • Rain of Destruction – Rain down multiple arrows in a radius of 3 meters, dealing 250% Hunter damage
  • Arrow Master – Create Paralysis Arrows that knock out enemies instead of killing them
  • Beast Master – Tame wolves
  • Archery Master – Increase Hunter damage by 15%. Normal Arrows aren’t consumed when using Hunter abilities
  • Ghost Arrows of Artemis – An arrow that can pass through everything and deals175% Hunter damage
  • Overpower Bow Strike – A powerful, charged arrow that deals 800% Hunter damage and explodes on impact
    • Upgrade – Hunter damage increased by 20% and Headshot damage by 25%.
  • Predator Shot – Zoom in to shoot an arrow that deals 230% Hunter damage and has 25% more range
  • Spread Shot – Shoot 3 arrows at the same time that each deal 100% Hunter damage
    • Upgrade – Shoot 5 arrows at the same time that each deal 100% Hunter damage

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