Battlefield 1: 5 Most Amazing Secrets You Didn’t Notice

Here are top 5 secrets waiting for you to discover in Battlefield 1.

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Battlefield 1 is now available for all players worldwide after a brief period of early access for those who pre-ordered the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition. Reviews have already been quite positive for the World War 1 era first person shooter, be it in the campaign, visuals or multiplayer mode which brings several new features to the forefront. Seriously, you’re guarding a pigeon this time around when not waging war across multiple sectors. A pigeon for crying out loud.

Of course, that’s aside from all the crazy Easter Eggs and secrets that lay waiting in Battlefield 1 to discover. As always, spoilers are a thing and while no major plot points are revealed, we’re still issuing a blanket warning for those who want to discover these things on their own.

Mini Pistol

Battlefield 1 (3)

You’ve probably seen this one doing the rounds lately. In Battlefield 1, it’s possible to unlock a miniature pistol for use. This isn’t just a small gun – it’s the really small gun to use. Players can unlock it by hitting level 10 with their Medic class. The gun itself isn’t anything amazing – it functions much like a normal pistol – but it’s incredibly comical to see your character running around, holding a tiny little pistol between his thumb and index finger. Make sure you’re actually healing your friends instead of focusing on getting kills with this weapon. It is still just a pistol.

Battlefield 1942 Theme

Battlefield 1 (2)

What would a Battlefield game be without references to previous games in the series? Case in point, Battlefield 1 features a callback to the very first Battlefield game, namely Battlefield 1942. Upon transmitting coordinates using devices with Morse code, there’s a random chance that the Battlefield 1942 theme can play through the device. Some have argued that this is the Battlefield 1 theme and is based off of the Battlefield 1942 theme. Either way, it’s an intriguing find – almost as intriguing as the Morse code that simply translated to “MORSE”. Again, this seems to have a random chance of occurring so run around the map enough times until it works.

Megalodon Sound

Battlefield 1

The Megalodon is one of the crazier Easter Eggs that Battlefield 4 had to offer, which is to be expected from a giant shark emerging from the sea. It’s not too strange to see it appear in Battlefield 1 but it’s not visually apparent. Instead, load into the Suez map in multiplayer and destroy the Behemoth ship parked on the coast. Once it goes up in a hail of fire and smoke, you should hear the sound of the Megalodon ringing through the air. The shark itself hasn’t quite been discovered yet but it’s hard to not recognize the telltale sound of the beast when taking down said Behemoth. Why does it happen on Suez of all places? We’re not quite sure but once again, it’s a neat little nod to the last significant Battlefield title (Hardline doesn’t count).

Mirror’s Edge

Battlefield 1

At this point, DICE is known for more than just Battlefield and that means Mirror’s Edge references. Mirror’s Edge is referenced in the opening cut scene of the campaign – in the submarine, if you observe the chalkboard behind the characters closely, you’ll notice the word “Faith”. This immediately reminds us of Faith Connors, the protagonist of Mirror’s Edge and the recent reboot/origins story Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. While it may be overly simple, it’s still cool to see DICE referencing one of its key franchises in some way with Battlefield 1. It could also be a way for said troops to keep the faith during a trying time but we’d like to believe it’s about a certain raven-haired Runner more than anything else.

Harlem Hellfighters

battlefield 1

In Battlefield 1, it’s possible to acquire a Booster Pack with a shotgun, sidearm and bolo knife upon pre-ordering that pay tribute to the famous Harlem Hellfighters infantry unit in World War 1. The unit was famed for their toughness and never-say-die attitude, one that carries over into the game’s universe as well. At one point, you’ll receive a radio transmission about the Hellfighters and how they refuse to let an enemy take ground, choosing to die in the process. The zeal of the unit is almost revered and it’s awesome to see the Hellfighters integrated in the universe through more just a Booster Pack.

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