Battlefield 4’s Battlelog Update Reveals Spyder Bow and Bipod Knife

Shootmans with bows. I’m not witty enough to come up with a Legolas pun

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We all knew it was coming sooner or later, but the details where (and still are to an extent) somewhat vague. But hey, the chariots rolled out and in tow where some neat little chunks of information that you Battlefield veterans will probably want to know. The hardcore amongst you, probably already know, because that community is ravenous for news in the most awesome way possible.

Phantom Assignment part 4 is coming soon and that’s all there really is to say about that..rather disappointing really. However, we all know that the best weapon in a modern war zone is a crossbow. Because logic, y’know.

It comes with some bolts that are all cool in their own little way. The first Bolt lets you track and trace enemies on your mini map, this information is also relayed to your team mates in a cone in front of you. That’s cool. Next is the typical combat bolt that has a broad head for a deep and I imagine rather painful wound. Finally, the “sniper bolt”, it’s not too strong but at range it keeps its accuracy, near silent head shots galore. There’s an explosive bolt, I don’t need to explain that. And finally a stabilizer bolt that is basically just a balance of all the above minus the explosives.

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