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Chart your way to victory in Battlefield 5

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Battlefield 5Battlefield 5 is surprisingly great. In spite of the delays, and the troubled rhetoric surrounding the game, what with announcements of delayed content and modes, it turned out to be a fantastic multiplayer title.

But in a multiplayer shooter, two things matter more than anything else: you using the best weapons, and you knowing the map, and using that knowledge to your advantage. Prepare yourself, this guide covers both of those things.


There’s a lot of weapon types in Battlefield 5, and even more weapons. Honestly, the game is really well balanced, and you can find a great use for everything in there. That said, there are definitely and categorically some weapons that are better than others, and those are the ones we take a quick look at here:

  • Sniper Rifle: Much like in real life, the Kar 98k is the only sniper rifle you need to bother yourself with if you want the best one
  • LMGs: These weapons are pretty useless unless you are playing a support class. In which case, honestly, any of them will do, but don’t rely on them as your primary sidearm otherwise
  • Shotgun: The M30 Drilling has only two rounds at a time, but it dishes out massive damage, meaning that in the hands of a player with steady aim, it can be the difference between victory and defeat a lot of times
  • SMGs: In general, these appear to be well suited for the choke points this game’s map layouts favor. That said, in our experience, the Suomi KP/-31 Is the best one of these
  • Assault Rifle: Assault Rifles are still the staple of low level play in Battlefield 5. The best one, in that it performs well and allows leeway, is the StG 44

That’s not all! The video below will walk you through the best weapons for each class.


There are 10 maps in Battlefield 5 at launch. More are due to come afterwards, and they will be entirely free for everyone.

That may seem like a small number, but if the maps are well designed enough, then it can be more than enough for every game you play to be unique. The good news here is, the ten maps in Battlefield 5 meet this requirement, more or less.

Here, we give you some basic tips for each of the maps:

  • Fjell 652: The only viable strategy on this map is to gain control of the aerial vehicles. The terrain is rough, and aerial support will literally mean the difference between victory and defeat
  • Devastation: This map has a lot of destroyed buildings that you can enter. Do that to sneak across the map. Conversely, do keep in mind that your enemy might be doing the same thing…
  • Narvik: An extremely large and varied map, where no one strategy can truly help you out. All I can say for this one is, keep an eye on the changes occurring on the map—the map is as much a factor in victory and defeat here as the players and team compositions can be
  • Rotterdam: Get in vehicles, and pilot your way to victory
  • Aerodrome: Keep moving, and don’t just focus on the hangar in the middle of this map. We recommend using the canals for quick movement and flanking the opponent
  • Arras: The underbrush on this map provides a lot of options for camouflage and hiding to advance on the player. Conversely, if you want to weed out players, using a tank to take on the trees and flora on this map is a great way to catch them
  • Twisted Steel: Arguably the iconic map for this game, the only thing you need to know is that the area around the bridge has land mines, so you don’t want to be caught wrong footed there. Literally

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