Battlefield Hardline Mega Guide: Make Money Faster, Weapon Unlocks, Level Up & More

A complete guide for Battlefield Hardline.

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Visceral Games Battlefield Hardline is now available and we have an in-depth guide showcasing each and every element of the game, ranging from single to the multiplayer component. We have included guides for each of the classes, gadgets, weapon unlocks, expert level unlockables, couch vehicle, item drops, grenades lists and their statistics along with tips and tricks on how you can unlock achievements and trophies.

Furthermore, using this guide you will be able to earn money faster, level up quickly, unlock gold camos, find more about deluxe editions guns, trigger levolution and destruction, customization options, battlepacks and spray paint a custom emblem.

Class Guide:

Battlefield 4 Hardline provides 4 classes to choose from. They are Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer and Professional. Select the Operator class if you like to play up front. The best way to get started with the Operator class is to purchase an assault rifle which will allow you to shoot the enemies at mid range. You can also pick up the First Aid Pack which can be used to heal your team mate or even better pick up a shotgun to take down enemies up close and personal but remember, the Operator class isn’t meant to take down the enemies in this fashion. Scan the area with  3.4X and 4X scopes to get a handle on the situation and take aim from a distance.

The Enforcer class is best used during the Heist and Rescue modes due to their high defensive capabilities. You can use the ballistic shield to provide cover to your teammates when the enemy is drilling bullets towards your team or you can also drop ammo boxes in random areas to replenish the ammo count of your fellow fighters.

The Professional class is best suited for long range shooting or tactical engagement with the enemy. Use your sniper rifle to take out enemies or use laser trip mines to blow out the bad guys. You can also use the G17 weapon to take down enemies at close range. The Mechanic class, as the name suggests is a tech savvy class which has access to special equipments such as satellites phones and grenade launchers. Using the satellite phone you can destroy enemy vehicles or barricades. And, it won’t be a mechanic if it does not have access to repair tools. Overall, the mechanics class is more of all round class, combining the best elements from every class in the game.

Gadgets Guide:

Battlefield Hardline provides a plethora of gadgets but we highly recommend user laser mines and the camera. Smart placements of laser mines at doors or hallways will take out enemies. The camera will allow you to scan the area and make it easier to make your next move.

Expert Level Unlockables:

Bellow you will find the number of points and the Expert Level required to unlock several weapons in the game.

Expert Level 1: 2,000 points for CZ-75 Pistol, M1911A1 Heavy Pistol

Expert Level 2: 3,000 points for 37 Stakeout Shotgun

Expert Level 3: 3,000 points for Ammo Box, Armored Insert, First Aid Pack, Gas Mask 4

Expert Level 4: 4000 points for MP5K SMG, MPX SMG, P90 PDW

Expert Level 5: 4,000 points for New attachments for Cop primary weapon

Expert Level 6: 5,000 points for R700 LTR Sniper Bolt Action, SOCOM16 Sniper Semi Auto, SR-25 ECC Sniper Semi-Auto

Expert Level 7: 5,000 points for New attachments for Cop secondary weapon

Expert Level 8: 6,000 points for .40 Pro Heavy Pistol, .410 Jury Revolver, .44 Magnum Revolver, Bald Eagle Heavy Pistol

Expert Level 9: 6,000 points for Breaching Charge, Laser Tripmine

Expert Level 10: 6,000 points for New attachments for Criminal primary weapon

Expert Level 11: 6,000 points for Baseball Bat Melee, Blackjack Melee, Golf Club Melee, Lead Pipe Melee, TEC-9 Machine Pistol

Expert Level 12: 7,000 points for Double-Barrel Shotgun, SPAS-12 Shotgun

Expert Level 13: 7,000 points for New attachments for Criminal secondary weapon

Expert Level 14: 7,000 points for AKS-74U Carbine, G36C Carbine

Expert Level 15: 7,000 points for 300 Knockout Sniper Bolt Action, AWM Sniper Bolt Action, PTR-91 Sniper Semi-Auto, SAIGA .308 Sniper Semi Auto

How to unlock the Couch vehicle:

Select the Dustbowl map and make sure you go to MG36 battle taking place in the northwest area. The place is near a water tower and you will find a couch named The American Dream. You can drive the couch with 3 other members of your team.

Weapons and Items drop:

You can find the M16A3 Assault Rifle: In the Domo Roboto basement in Episode 4.

You can find the Scout Elite Sniper Bolt Action in the Na

You can find the 870P Magnum Shotgun on the table in a silo in Episode 8.

You can find the 45T Heavy Pistol in Episode 3: Gator Bait.

You can find the Grappling Hook in Episode 3: Gator Bait.

You can find the Zipline in Episode 3.

You can find the M/45 SMG at the Gator Farm in Episode 3.

You can find the MAC-10 Machine Pistol in Episode 2.

You can find the UMP-45 SMG in the basement of Domo Roboto warehouse in Episode 4.

You can find the AKM Assault Rifle: Enemies in Episode 3: Gator Bait.

You can find the G17 Pistol near a truck in a trailer park in Episode 8.

Complete Battlefield Hardline Weapons List, Grenades & Gadgets Statistics:

Below is the complete overview of every weapon in Battlefield Hardline including their Damage, Accuracy, Hip Fire, Range, Stability, Fire Modes, Rate of Fire, Magazine Size, Ammo Capacity and Attachments.

Collectibles Locations: Evidence, Case Files, Warrants:

The game consists of 71 Evidence Collectibles and 21 Suspects with Warrants. Once  Case Files. Once you find all of them you will complete all the case files. Furthermore, finding all of them will unlock four trophies and achievements which are: Keep Digging Detective, True Detective, World’s Greatest Detective and Bring ’em to Justice.

How to Improve Your K/D Ratio:

The video below details how you can increase your K/D ratio in Battlefield Hardline. The video above shows how you can improve your kill to death ratio and score extra points by completing the objectives. This video is a must watch if you are new to the Battlefield franchise.

Miscellaneous Guide:

How to unlock Gold camos for your weapons:

How to Unlock The G17 – Operator Assignment:

ACW-R Best attachments guide:

The Bald Guide:

How to Unlock Masks and Weapons License:

Deluxe Edition Guns Guide: L85A2, ACWR and CAR-556

Levolution Guide – How To Trigger Levolution and Destruction:

How to unlock and buy weapons:

Classes, Customization, Unlocks and BattlePacks:

How To Use Your XP Boosts Rank Up and Level Up Faster:

Class Balance and Weapon Tweaks:

How to Unlock MAC-10 – Assignments & Camera Coins:

Best class setup for Hotwire:

Earning money faster:

How To Spray Paint A Custom Emblem or Grafitti:

Achievements and Trophy Guide:

A few of the achievements and trophies below can be unlocked by referring to our single player walkthrough over here.

On the Job

Complete the Prologue in single-player. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Pressure Applied

Complete Ep. 1: Back to School. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Bumpy Ride

Complete Ep. 2: Checking Out. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Deal? What Deal?

Complete Ep. 3: Gator Bait. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Good Guys

Complete Ep. 4: Case Closed. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

You Probably Have Questions

Complete Ep. 5: Gauntlet. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Snow Blind

Complete Ep. 6: Out of Business. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.


Complete Ep. 7: Glass Houses. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

From Their Cold, Dead Hands

Complete Ep. 8: Sovereign Land. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Some Damn Fine Fireworks

Complete Ep. 9: Independence Day. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Served Cold

Complete Ep. 10: Legacy. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Keep Digging, Detective

Complete any case file in single-player. Refer the collectibles guide above.

By the Book

Do a Non-Lethal takedown on 10 criminals in single-player. This can be easily achieved by using stealth and the takedown button.

You Tazed Him, Bro!

Stun 5 criminals with the T62 CEW in single-player.

Watched, Dawg

Identify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player

You’re Getting Good at This

Reach Expert Level 5 in single-player

Damn Thing Doesn’t Work

Disarm 2 alarm boxes in single-player.

Cape and Ears Not Included

Climb a total of 10 meters with the grapple gun in single-player.

Fast Rope Expert

Travel a total of 90 meters with the zipline crossbow in single-player.

Almost an Expert

Reach Expert Level 10 in single-player

True Detective

Complete 3 case files in single-player. Refer the collectibles guide above.

Motley Crew

Tag all criminals visible from the rooftop in Ep. 1: Back to School.

Real Action Hero

Kill a criminal in Independence Day from mid-air after escaping the penthouse.

Their Own Medicine

Steal a T62 CEW from the back of a police cruiser in Ep. 5: Gauntlet.

Graceful Exit

Don’t get spotted in the Ep. 5: Gauntlet.

Knock Knock

Blow up the meth lab in Ep. 5: Gauntlet.

A Craftsman’s Tools

Find your weapons in Sovereign Land before instigating combat in the trailer park.

Hollywood Hideaway

Find Roark’s hidden room in Ep. 7: Glass Houses.


Use the BBQ to take out the chef in Ep. 7: Glass Houses.

Social Climber

Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy.

Case Closed

Complete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Super Cop

Complete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Blue Eagle

Complete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty. Refer the story mode walkthrough above.

Bring ’em to Justice

Capture all warrants alive in single-player. Refer the collectibles guide above.

Dare Devil

Jump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy.

One Good Cop

Reach Expert Level 15 in single-player

World’s Greatest Detective

Complete all case files in single-player. Refer the collectibles guide above.

The Big Score

Win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer.

Electric Company

Take down 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer

Menz in the Hood

Kill 25 enemies with a MAC-10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer.

This guide will be updated once we have more information. You can also check our full walkthrough of the game here.

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