Bioshock Infinite: Differences Between PC And Console Version Explained

The PC version will be the best by the looks of it.

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There is no doubt that Irrational Games develop visually appealing games.  The first Bioshock was a sight to behold, so Bioshock Infinite will be no different. But technology wise, PC gaming is on the rise and admit it or not, our seven year old consoles are seriously lagging behind.

So how will Bioshock Infinite on the consoles will hold up against Bioshock Infinite on the PC. Technical director at Irrational Chris Kline explains us that the medium setting of the PC version will be much like the console version.

“Playing the PC version on Medium settings is fairly close to the console version, though higher quality in a few areas. As you go up from there to the High, Very High, and Ultra settings the difference is enormous,” he  said.

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He also revealed that the PC version will ship on 3 discs since it will consist of high resolution assets. He believes that the game will stand on it’s own when played at max.  “The PC version ships on three discs, as opposed to one for consoles, to accommodate the higher-resolution content we provide for the PC. This really stands out when you play on the higher detail settings and higher resolutions that the PC allows. Irrational Games is known for all the detail we put into our worlds and the higher detail settings available on PC give us even more to work with,” he explained to IGN.

“Of course this will also make sure your draw distances are longer, texture streaming is fast and generally the game will be insane to look at. “Higher-end PC settings also activate on higher-quality versions of many of our core rendering features. For example, we show more objects and particles at longer distances and greater detail. We use a higher-precision color buffer for improved scene quality. Textures stream in more quickly, and we use higher quality texture filtering. More objects cast shadows, shadows are higher-resolution and blend more smoothly into the scene.”

This should come as exciting news for PC gamers like me, who will be able to max out the game. It will be interesting to see whether playing the game will give us a glimpse of next-gen. But hey, does a PC really have a thing called generation? It really is in a generation of it’s own at the moment.

Are you guys excited by Irrational Games support for the PC version? Let us know in the comments section below.

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