BioWare- Mass Effect 3 story leaks were “frustrating” but “they’re not representative of what is going to be in the final game”

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Story files for Mass Effect 3 were leaked last year, and they were met with some negative response by fans, who said that it read a lot like fan faction and was bland. BioWare says that it was really frustrating to see those filed leaked, mainly because they were in a largely unfinished state and the criticism was based on a script that wasn’t even done and dusted.

They did change the game’s story based on the feedback that they received for that leak, but BioWare also wants to reassure fans that the files that were leaked were in no way “representative of what is going to be in the final game.”

“”I think it’s like any art form,” BioWare’s Mike Gamble said while speaking with VideoGamer. “If a copy of The Hobbit [the film] landed on someone’s shelf and people were able to see it before it was done, the people involved would be very upset that it happened.

“You want to present something to a crowd as a finished piece of work, and let me tell you, over the last month to two months – knowing that the end is coming closer, to having to finish the game, we’ve been working extremely hard so we can actually get that polish there. So when people see things that are in their incomplete states, it’s frustrating. But it is what it is, and they’re not representative of what is going to be in the final game, so we just have to roll with it, I guess.”

Gamble, however, thinks that even those people who read the files and responded any which way will still play the game. “

If you think about it this way… a person who has chosen to read the script for something that they know will spoil their experience – because there are spoilers in there – will go into it to see if they’re going to be justified anyway. They’ll play our game, and they’ll find out a lot of things they read, or that they knew before, were incorrect – they’ve been changed. Then they can open a discussion about it.

“As I said, it’s a bit frustrating, and people can do whatever they want with leaked content, but they’ll just have to wait until it’s on the shelves.”

When asked about how he feels about the final product, he said: “I think we’ve nailed it. I’m confident that we have. There’s a lot to solve. If you have an experience with a previous Mass Effect game, the characters and threads that we’ve started in those… they get resolved.”

Mass Effect 3 releases on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 6. Keep yourself up to date with all the latest Mass Effect 3 updates here.

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