Borderlands 3 Guide – How To Get Unlimited Ammo And Duplicate Legendaries

Create as many duplicate Legendaries as you want with this simple trick (on PC, at least).

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Borderlands 3

Believe it or not but duping is still a thing in Borderlands 3. So if you or a friend have a particular Legendary and want to dupe it for gifting, there’s a full-proof way. That is, if you’re on PC.

It entails creating a back-up of your save file. First, make the backup, transferring it to a different location or even using cloud saves. Then, in-game, trade or drop the gun to your friend. Exit the game and transfer your old save file. Once you’re back in, the Legendary should still be in your inventory. Repeat this process as many times as desired to create tons of Legendaries which you could sell for fat stacks of cash.

Infinite Ammo

Want to “cheat” even more? There’s a way to get infinite ammo in Borderlands 3. Technically, it isn’t a cheat but a weapon – the Extreme Hangin’ Chadd, which you get as a reward for completing the Swamp Bro side mission on Eden-6. Weapons with infinite ammo are nothing new to Borderlands fans (the Infinity is in the sequel as well). So what makes the Chadd so special?

For one, it’s a Rare weapon and you can get it around level 27. The description says it uses four ammo per shot, which is false – it actually consumes no ammo. Also, unlike other CoV weapons, it doesn’t overheat. Though the weapon is a Rare, it still possesses some great damage and the infinite ammo ensures you’re not on the back foot during gunfights. So if you have bad luck with Legendaries, give the Chadd a chance. It may just surprise you.

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