Borderlands 3 Post Game Guide – How To Quickly Farm Eridium, Cash, And Legendary Weapons

Ain’t no rest for the wicked – here’s how to get a leg up in the looter shooter’s endgame.

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Borderlands 3

In a looter shooter like Borderlands 3, farming is of the utmost performance. Efficiency is also a big deal – how do you get the most money, Eridium and Legendary Weapons in the quickest times possible? Worry not because several farming methods have already been discovered. Mayhem Mode will also up the amount of loot, Eridium and money that drop in-game. However, a recent hotfix reduced the amount of loot that drops from the mode so don’t be surprised if you aren’t getting more than three Legendaries from certain enemies.

Farming Eridium

Eridium is super important in the end-game since it can be used on a vending machine that has a chance to dole out Legendaries. Given that most Legendary farming spots have been reined in, it’s even more important than ever. So how do you quickly gather Eridium?

The first method is to head to Eden-6. In the Voracious Canopy zone, you should find a narrow cave just to the left of the science dome. An Eridium Marker collectible will be present but there are also heaps of Eridium Crystals. Simply smash the crystals to profit. This particular spot has been hotfixed so that Eridium “grows slower”. However, that just means you can farm another location in the meantime and then return here later.

The second method is on Pandora. Head to Carnivora and you’ll find several chests and Eridium Chests. The latter can spawn in several places like the left rooftop, a container on the right or near the entrance. When crossing the causeway, there’s another Eridium chest on the right. Along with Eridium, you can net several other items. While it’s not nearly as fast as the old Eden-6 farm, you can alternate between the two for some decent returns.

Farming Tons of Cash

Grenades, grenade mods and artifacts will become your best friends when farming cash. That’s because they can (a) take down large packs of enemies (especially with characters like Moze) and (b) roll with perks that increase the amount of cash enemies drops. Some grenades will drop cash from damaged enemies and Grenade Mods will increase this amount.

While it may be tempting to do this as soon as possible, wait until you finish the story and unlock Mayhem Mode. Go straight to Mayhem 3, where cash is doubled, and then head to Pandora. Since enemies aren’t necessarily the toughest and can be effectively grouped up, you can spam grenades and roll in the cash. Find a spot near an ammo vendor and keep refilling those grenades. Once the area is clear, fast travel somewhere else, return back and keep going.

Farming Easy Legendaries

Gearbox Software has been cracking down on easy spots for farming Legendaries like Chupacabratch and the Loot Tink near the Jakobs Mansion. However, there’s still one very reliable source for Legendary drops – Graveward in the Vault on Eden-6.

We’d recommend going in on Mayhem 3. Each kill on Graveward can easily net you at least one Legendary, if not two. Save and quit to the main menu to reset the instance. Why is Graveward so good? Unlike many bosses, it doesn’t have invulnerability phases so you can pile on tons of damage and obliterate it instantly.

Also, a little tip when collecting the Typhon Logs and their accompanying Dead Drop caches – don’t open them until you’re in the endgame or at least level 50. That’s because they contain several Legendaries which scale to your level. For a quick Legendary boost when starting out Mayhem mode, keep the Dead Drops on standby. Happy farming!

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