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Everything you need to know about Bravely Default.

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Bravely Default
Bravely Default Box Art

Bravely Default

Publisher:  Square Enix, Nintendo

Developer:  Silicon Studio, Square Enix

Platforms:  3DS

Genre:  Role Playing

Release Date:  JP: December 5th 2013, AUS: December 7th 2013, NA: February 7, 2014

Bravely Default (also commonly known as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in Japan) is a single player Role Playing Game that was developed by Square Enix (Final Fantasy Series, Dragon Quest Series, Deus Ex Series) and Silicon Studio ( Operation Darkness and 3D Dot Game Heroes) whilst being jointly published by Square Enix and Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo’s handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS.

The game was first released in Japan on December 5th of 2013, followed by an Australian in December 7th of 2013. However the game has recently come back into gaming circles due to its upcoming release in North America on February 7th of 2014. There was an update of the game released in Japan called Bravely Default: For the Sequel, this arrived on December 5th of 2013 and has formed the template for the westernized versions of Bravely Default which are based on “For the Sequel”.

Developers Silicon Studio and Square Enix have already announced the development of a planned sequel called “Bravely Second”, this was announced in December of 2013.

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The development of Bravely Default has never been centred on linking the game to any of the other Square Enix’s Role Playing Games. Despite the Spiritual Successor title that the game has acquired it is mainly inspired by Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, yet it is linked to neither: it has merely adopted a few of their role playing elements. The name “Bravely Default” holds no special significance in regards to the game or its themes, the name is actually just the games two varying difficulties. Bravely and Default respectively.

Bravely Default started its development period as nothing special, it was effectively just another RPG that was in line to be produced and published. It was, according to the games designer Kensuke Nakahara, “an incredibly standard RPG”. Since then and after numerous tweaks having been made to the games combat system, it really started to come into its own as a product and become less of a standard RPG and more like something that would endure and stick out amongst the tidal waves of RPG games.

Talking about his enthusiasm for the game, Mr. Nakahara was greatly excited at the prospect of developing Bravely Default, noting that the gameplay mechanics were something special (when compared to what is considered the norm) and that rather than have the game be too similar and too reminiscent of the Final Fantasy franchise, it should stick out and make its own mark on the industry. When probed about the gameplay mechanics and validity of the game, Mr. Nakahar has said “a bit like Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy V, but the concern was whether this was the best thing for a new IP like this. With this gameplay system, I felt like it really had the chance to turn the whole game around, so I was incredibly excited about it.”

Bravely Default was originally intended to be released as an action RPG, but due to the games mechanics the development staff decided it was best to revert to the original RPG formula which has been tried and tested many times and always met with success, this was perhaps a wise decision given the recent decline in interest for action RPGs with gamers demanding more depth and turning to turn based games to find it (hence the success of the recent Persona 4 Golden title, which was recently out done by Bravely Default which took the Future Award during the Japanese Game Awards and the Dengeki Online Award in 2012 ).

Most gamers will most likely be playing through the improved version of the game called “Bravely Default: For the Sequel” which was confirmed in September of 2013 to be the version coming to Europe and North America which includes various new features such as alteration of the difficulty level, extra save slots for multiple game files, dual English and Audio (an important feature for many role playing game enthusiasts who like to experience the game in as raw a format as possible). The play time was also decreased, there was no content removed from the game, but the play time has been changed from roughly fifty hours, to thirty hours, this is achieved by slightly altered levelling speeds and revisions of the games ending chapters.

It may be worth noting that during the Demo release period of Bravely Default, players that experienced the demo on the 3DS were given the option of playing through a side mission that was exclusive to the demo, this mission is not accessible in the main game. The only means of completing the mission and keeping it as part of your characters save file, is to complete the demo and use the data transfer function to carry it over into your main save.

Upon its initial launch in Japan Bravely Default jumped to the top of the sales charts selling in excess of 140,ooo copies. Since then sales have only improved, as of January 2013 the amount of copies sold was sitting at over 300,000.


The story of Bravely Default is set in the land of Luxendarc where we are introduced to our four young protagonists. Luxendarc is also commonly known as the land of Light and Shadows, a land that is comprised of numerous different and diverse countries.

Hoping to free the Wind Crystal from the darkness that has encompassed it, Agnes must embark on a long and dangerous journey to free the Crystal from this evil darkness. This quest is made all the more difficult and massively more perilous by the seemingly constant pursuit of the “Jobmasters” from the Eternians Airforce who are trying to obtain the power of the crystals. Not only that, they also seek to seize and control anyone who just so happens to have been in control of a crystal.


Given it’s unofficial titles of a Spiritual Successor to Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, it comes as little to no surprise that the game makes use of a very similar combat system that relies on both turn based combat and stacked combos for “Multi Hit” attacks. This game also sees the return of the classic RPG feature, the Job System. This differs from game to game but in Bravely Default it pertains to a sort of Sub-Class system. There are a total of 24 different jobs that can be learned throughout the game. Each of these is levelled up independently and is capped at level 14. A few examples are Monks, White and Black mages, which are the earliest learnt jobs.

According to developers, Bravely Default is going to make great use of voice acting rather than just relying on text and sounds effects as is common place in most RPGs and JRPGs. This includes whilst in battle and during the games story. The games producer, Tomoya Asano has also said that the game will include multiple endings.


  • Ringabel – A playable character who suffers from amnesia, the contents of his notebook, “D” are unknown
  • Agnès Oblige – Controller of the wind crystals.
  • Edea Lee – a main protagonist
  • Tiz Arrior – a main protagonist

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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