Bungie’s Destiny To Possibly Include Dragon Hunting

Why are we always killing Dragons? That’s why they hate us so much.

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I’m just going to say, right off the bat, that I think this may be grasping at air and hoping to grab something tangible. Don’t get me wrong, Dragons in Destiny would be pretty awesome, but I don’t see it happening.

So, that new Destiny trailer that Bungie released happened to have something Dragon-esque in it, silhouetted against the moon. In this video, the commentator highlights a portion of the video when the he says “there are enemies you would not believe.”

He goes on to mention he has “convincing evidence” which in actuality is nothing more than a screenshot of the Dragon flying in the sky (at a considerable distance I might add) and a rifle named “Cryptic Dragon”. The description reads, “Those who doubt the existence of dragons are always the first devoured”.

Finally, one of the trophies that can be achieved is called “Dragon Slayer” with the subtext, “Kill a champion of the Dark”.

Now like I already said, Dragons would be an awesome, fun addition to the game and I hope they make an appearance. But this “convincing evidence” isn’t exactly compelling nor does it actually point towards Dragons. For all we know a “champion of the dark” could be a unit in a caste of not yet revealed enemies, amongst countless other pieces of speculation. But decide for yourself!

TL;DR – I want Dragons but I don’t expect Dragons.

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