Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Guide: Collectibles, Zombies Tips, Leveling Up Fast and More

Survive in Zombies and thrive in multiplayer.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Guide: Collectibles, Zombies Tips, Leveling Up Fast and More

Another year brings yet another Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 may be Treyarch’s most ambitious entry yet. Along with some new additions to multiplayer, there is a significantly large array of things to do in the new Zombies mode (both in Shadows of Evil and the pre-order map The Giant). If you’re curious about which guns would suit you best or which scorestreaks to opt for or even how to discover some of the more awesome weapons in Zombies, then read on.

Zombies: Obtaining All Perks and Pack-a-Punch

Acquiring perks in The Giant can be quite time consuming. There are seven perks in total and you receive a random perk when activating the Pack-a-Punch machine and teleporting back to the main area. Keep in mind that you can’t stack perks with each consecutive round so make sure to check back only every now and again…and that it’s very costly and time consuming.

For the hidden seventh perk, one has to throw three monkey distractions in all three teleporters across the map and then hit the red button near the green lights. This takes you to a hidden Perk-a-Cola machine containing the seventh perk.

Curious about how to unlock the Pack-a-Punch? Check out the below video along with tips on unlocking all the rituals.

Zombies: The Giant Radio Locations

The Giant map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies has 10 radio sets, containing different messages from characters in the mode. Five of these are from Maxis and the remaining radio sets have messages from the other characters. Check out the video below for more information on finding each radio set.

Multiplayer: Levelling Up Fast and Hitting Prestige

Curious about levelling up quickly and Prestiging in Black Ops 3 multiplayer? There are many ways but it’s important to play objective based modes like Domination and Kill Confirmed, the latter offering many ways to earn XP through kills, recoveries and seizures. In terms of scorestreaks, invest in UAVs and Counter UAVs – you receive assist points for every kill your teammates obtain with help from your UAV.

While completing challenges will also help, you’ll want to experiment with different Specialists since they have their own personal challenges. If you’re interested, you could invest in Double XP bonuses with Mountain Dew and Dorito’s, though it won’t really help your progress in multiplayer (it’s great for Zombies XP though). Mix up your play style with different guns and sights, check in on the “Near Completion” challenges and you should be leveling up in no time.

Zombies: Farming Liquid Divinium

Call of Duty Black Ops 3_Gobblegum

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies, one of the biggest new additions is the Gobblegum system. Using gumball dispensing machines, you can choose from five different Gobblegum balls which will give you specific bonuses. As you rank up, more will be unlocked and they range from Default and Normal to Mega Gobblegums (which have their own levels of rarity).

Obviously, it’s the Mega Gobblegum that will have you interested but you need Liquid Divinium to obtain it. This is awarded randomly as you buy guns off walls, open doors, purchase Gobblegums and even purchasing perks. The above methods give the same chance at obtaining Liquid Divinium but The Giant map in general gives out more than Shadows of Evil. So in general, the highest chances you have at getting Liquid Divinium are from either buying guns off walls or using the Pack-a-Punch machine.

In The Giant, purchase every single gun off the wall. Hold off on using Pack-a-Punch for every weapon and simply focus on obtaining all the weapons on walls (purchasing the same weapon off the wall, which can reload your ammo for that weapon, has a lower chance of giving Liquid Divinium).

In Shadows of Evil, you’ll want to keep using the Pack-a-Punch machine for chances at Liquid Divinium. It’s tough for sure (and way more expensive than buying guns off walls in The Giant) but it offers a better chance than buying the wall guns on this map.

Zombies: Solo Play Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

There are tons of tips to surviving in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies but its especially difficult for solo players. What do you do in those situations where you must be continuously clutch?

The most obvious tips are to pick up the Jugger-Nog (increased health) and Speed Cola (faster reload speed) perks as soon as possible. Double Tap (increased rate of fire) is also good because it will effectively double your rate of fire without doubling your ammo consumption. Quick Revive is also good for when you mess up and want a quick “do-over”.

In terms of weapons, LMGs, Assault Rifles and SMGs will be worth your while especially for headshots which down zombies instantly. Shotguns can be useful at times but avoid sniper rifles and explosive weapons since the splash damage can seriously injure you with so many zombies in your face. Take special note of Monkey Bombs – they will save your life, thanks to the distractions they provide.

Upgrade your weapons with the Pack-a-Punch whenever possible and make sure you invest in the Annihilator – it will help you in higher rounds. Gobblegums add some interesting benefits every now and then so don’t be afraid to invest. Sliding away from zombies will make sure they can’t get you. Stick to narrow alleys and lanes that zombies can pile into single file for, allowing you to pull off multiple headshots in a row. Save any Max Ammo drops you find for when you’re really starving for bullets as well.

Note: In The Giant, you’ll find a room with the words “Return” that appear. Zombies will only pile out through a single window and it certainly helps to reach higher waves without much issue. It could be a glitch so don’t be surprised if it’s patched soon.

Another interesting glitch in The Giant allows you to find a safe spot near the spawn point and essentially camp there without taking damage from enemies. Zombies pile up and you can take them down fairly easily. Again though, this is very likely to be patched soon.

Zombies: Weapons and Perks

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Finding the right weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies mode can mean the difference between life and death. So which ones are worth investing in? Obviously you should go with the weapon that you’re most comfortable with (and seek out Wonder Weapons like the Elemental Sword and Nar-Ullaqua ASAP) but here are some decent choices to get you started:

• KN-99 – High rate of fire, medium recoil assault rifle.

• HVK-30 – High rate of fire assault rifle, low recoil makes it good for headshots.

• M8A7 – Four burst fire assault rifle, great for headshots.

• Vesper – Good all-round SMG that doesn’t err too much on the side of spray-and-pray.

• 205 Brecci – Semi-auto shotgun, good for close range shooting.

• Haymaker 12 – Fully automatic shotgun. Close range shooting is mandatory but makes quick work of zombies.

• Dingo – High rate of fire LMG which does great work at close range.

• Gorgon – Slow rate of fire but very high damage. Best for medium range or taking down heavier beasties.

• LCAR-9 – Decent pistol with moderate damage. Obtainable at the start too.

• Annihilator – 18 round pistol with good damage.


• Quick Revive – Obtain a free self-revive.

• Double Tap – Weapon rate of fire increased while ammo consumption stays the same.

• Widow’s Wine – Grenade which explodes into a web that traps nearby zombies.

• Mule Kick – Allows you to carry three weapons at a time.

• Stamin-Up – Sprint duration is increased

• Jugger-Nog – Increased health, making it harder to go down.

• Speed Cola – Increased weapon reload speed.

Multiplayer: Recommended Scorestreaks

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Gun skill, twitch reflexes and a little luck (like being host) are necessary for being skillful in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer. However, it’s the scorestreaks that will separate the good from the great. Which are the best scorestreaks and what should you be running at all times?

Right off the bat, you should be using the UAV (425 points) and Counter UAV (575 points) in matches. While the former will showcase enemy locations on the map and net you points for every kill that your teammates gain while your UAV is up, the latter is excellent for counter-acting an enemy trying to find your location. UAVs and Counter UAVs can be shot down or circumvented using the Ghost and Hard Wired perks so play carefully. Otherwise, their low point requirements and effectiveness make them the best general scorestreaks in the game. If you want an even more effective version of a UAV, invest in the H.A.T.R. which can bypass the Ghost perk and is incredibly difficult to shoot down.

In terms of offensive power, you may be tempted to go for the Rolling Thunder (900 points), Hellstorm (700 points) and Lighting Strike (750 points). The Lightning Strike is especially powerful but its effectiveness will ultimately be gauged on outdoor maps when playing Domination or Hardpoint. For truly offensive scorestreaks, invest in a Hardened Sentry (850 points) or Talon (975 points). The former is a nuisance for anyone assaulting zones or control points (though a few grenades can take it down). The latter is especially great since it can be controlled manually for sweeping areas and taking out foes or automatically to offer fire support (which can give away your position at times).

One of the most fun offensive scorestreaks is the R.A.P.S. (1275 points) which deploys three sets of four spiky, spherical drones that seek out enemies. Though they can be relatively easy to kill in open areas, they’re particularly fatal for enemies in buildings or those caught unawares. It’s also relatively more affordable than the Mothership (1600 points) or G.I. Unit (1550 points). In case you want a more traditional and affordable gunship that sweeps the field, use the Wraith (1100 points).

Multiplayer: Best Weapons, Attachments and Equipment

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

• Sheiva – Marksman assault rifle meant for precise long distance shooting. Significant recoil and slow handling.

• M8A7 – Four round burst, semi-automatic with high rate of fire and zero recoil. Great accuracy and best for long distance shooting.

• KN-44 – AK-47-esque assault rifle, fairly good at medium and close range.

• Gorgon – Very high damage LMG with high accuracy. Not very good at close quarters.

• BRM – Long range LMG with high damage. Not suited for close quarters.

• Dingo – High rate of fire but medium damage. Good for short to medium range.

• Kuda – Excellent SMG with a good rate of fire and damage.

• Razorback – High accuracy SMG with slightly lower damage. Recommended at medium range.

• Vesper – Fastest firing SMG, best suited for close range.

• Weevil – Large magazine, good accuracy at medium and long range, moderate damage.

• Argus – Very accurate shotgun, best range of all shotguns.

• 205 Brecci – Semi auto shotgun with decent damage.

• Haymaker 12 – Fully automatic nature and ease of use make it fairly reliable all around.

• Locus – Bolt action sniper rifle but fast handling make it ideal for sniping on the move.

• Drakon – High rate of fire makes up for low damage. Best for annoying enemies at distances.

• L-CAR 9 – Reliable, automatic machine pistol with decent damage.

• MR6 – Semi-auto with good damage and range. Not suited for close range shooting.

• RK5 – Three round burst pistol with high fire rate. Low magazine capacity.

• XM-53 – Your standard rocket launcher which is actually surprisingly decent.

In terms of scopes, you’d best stick to Reflex and Recon Sights. The Thermal Scope is decent when it comes to spotting enemies in darker settings. The BOA 3 is also good for distinguishing friendlies from enemies. Finally, if you want something of a hybrid iron sight/red dot sigh, check out the ELO.

For attachments, it’s best to know what attachment suits which class of weapon. Quickdraw is best for Assault Rifles and SMGs. High Calibre is good for Pistols and Assault Rifles since it leads to high headshot damage. Stocks allow for greater movement speed while aiming which is great for LMGs and Assault Rifles. Laser Sights increase hip fire accuracy, perfect for SMGs and Shotguns. Fast Mags leads to increased reload speed and is suited for SMGs. Ballistics CPU can reduce sway on Sniper Rifles. Grips can be recommended all around since they reduce recoil when aiming down sights.

As for equipment, your usual Frag Grenades and Flash Bangs are recommended. C4, Trip Mines and Shock Charges are good for defense while the Thermite Grenade is excellent for assaulting points (due to its area of effect burning). The EMP is great for disrupting an enemy’s HUD to prevent scorestreaks and abilities from being used. If you’re annoyed by the enemy’s use of scorestreaks, then use the Black Hat to turn the tables.

Zombies: Buildable Parts and Wonder Weapons

Though the struggles against the zombies in Black Ops 3 can be difficult, you do have some fairly powerful weaponry on your side. First you’ll need to go about finding the buildable parts scattered throughout the Shadows of Evil map. These include Fumigator, Summoning Key, Lawyer’s Pen, Producer’s Toupee, Detective’s Badge and Promoter’s Championship Belt. It should be noted that these objects will also be required for completing the various Rituals and unlocking the Pack-a-Punch machine. Check out their locations below (starts at 17:05)

As for the Wonder Weapons, you can follow the above video for information on obtaining the Sword (from 20:30 onwards). Other Wonder Weapons can be a bit more random:

• Nar-Ullaqua: Immensely powerful weapon which creates a black hole and sucks all enemies into it. It also bestows all items and power-ups that enemies drop. Check out the video below for getting it.

• Margwa Heart: Kill the three headed monster in round eight.

• Margwa Tentacle: After grabbing the Fumigator, harvest the plants in the city. One will drop this weapon randomly.

• Xenomatter: Randomly drops when killing the bats flying through the city.

• Locus Weapon: Find the Fumigator and open Harvest Pods throughout the city. It will drop randomly.

• Civil Protector Robot: Find three fuses in the city. The first is at the end of the catwalk in the Canal District, opposite the sign for Zandi’s Smoke Lounge. The second is at the end of the catwalk in the Waterfront District in a corner railing. The third is in the Footlight District on a railing on the catwalk.

Next, head to the rift and insert all three fuses into the machine which has slots for them. You can now summon the Civil Protector at any time as long as you do so in front of a “2,000” machine.

• Zombie Shield/Rocket Shield: Locate the fuse in the Canal District. Next, find a shield located in the room where the Zandi’s Smoke Lounge sign can be seen. Find another shield in Waterfront District in one of the rooms there. Collect the second fuse from here as well. If you want to build a Zombie Shield, you’ll need to go to the workstation slightly ahead of the “One Night Only” sign.


Campaign: Finding All 56 Collectibles

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a ton of stuff to complete and discover in Zombies and multiplayer but the campaign doesn’t skimp on the collectibles either. There are 56 collectibles to find and they’re important for netting the “Curator” and “Walking Encyclopaedia” Achievements/Trophies. Check out the video below for the locations of all the collectibles.

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