Can Uncharted 4 Be The Standard Bearer For New Consoles?

Naughty Dog thinks the newest generation of consoles are so new, we really haven’t seen what they can do.

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Naughty Dog has been one developer that seems to has entirely embraced everything the PS4 can do when it comes to both graphics and storytelling. The Last of Us was a great combination of the two and to some degree was a great piece of storytelling thanks in large part to the fantastic graphics that were brought to the PS4 remaster. Now the company is being looked at as the firm that will really show off what a native PS4 game can be when Uncharted 4 finally gets released.

GamesTM recently talked to Josh Scherr and Ricky Cambier, the lead writer and lead designer of Uncharted 4 about what current generation consoles, next gen consoles and what Uncharted 4 means to the gaming community as a whole. “We’re still early days with the new systems,” Cambier said, “and obviously the first round of things that came out, a lot of that was cross-gen ports that just up-resolutioned their assets for the PS4.” Cambier also talked about the fact that some games that have recently released specifically for the PS4, such as The Order: 1886 were met with anger, particularly because of how short it was.

The lead designer said that he felt the gaming industry is in an interesting place, because $60 games are having to compete with $0.99 games on the mobile platform. Cambier said that Naughty Dog would rather make a “10 to 12-hour game that’s positively solid throughout than make a 40-hour game that’s padded out with filler that drags and gets boring.” Scherr added that when they are making their games, they never think “how long should this be?” It could be interesting to see the reaction by gamers to Uncharted 4 particularly because none of the games in this series have gone past 12 hours.

The game has been delayed a couple of times since it was first announced, and that has led to the fanbase of the series to chomp at the bit even more. If the game doesn’t live up to its billing graphically or in a way where the story and length seems worth the money, Naughty Dog could see a backlash. For it’s part, the company is doing everything it can to make sure it’s putting out a quality product including adding staff. Uncharted 4 is due out sometime in 2016 exclusively for the PS4, though an exact release date is still unknown.

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