Can WhoaWee revolutionize the world of MMO’s?

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Whoawee World founded by Hi-Tech People, launched on the 15th of October, 2009 is the largest and fastest-growing massive multiplayer online role-playing game site with a very huge number of kids interacting with each other within one virtual gaming portal.

Today kids live in a structured and scheduled world, well organized with strict study planning where it can be hard to find time to play and meet neighborhood friends for spontaneous fun. Keeping in mind the precious moments slipping away quickly from the innocent lives of these overburdened kids Whoawee decided to entertain them with real fun while simultaneously allowing them to devote sufficient time to excel in their studies and helping them have a great time.


Users can chat and interact with each other

Whoawee has brought back that same fun for kids today. This online gaming site interacts with kids online, to find out what they like the most, their favorites and to get their ideas on how to make Whoawee a better place for them to love and enjoy. Whoawee is the right place where kids can be independent, explore and feel that same sense of joy that they would have felt while personally interacting with friends around.
An entertaining educative site especially designed for kids of all ages, Whoawee is a fantasy world providing complete access to amusing, exciting and educative programs giving relevant information about subjects related to their school study, music and other live events. Here children can explore, play games and interact with friends.


One of the best visuals for a web based game

Within a few days of its launching, Whoawee has become a very popular site throughout the world. An estimate of around 100 online players was predicted, but to the surprise of the Whoawee Team, on an actual statistical survey the number of users has been much much more. Following the success of Whoawee, the site has continued to educate kids in an entertaining manner so as to help them be good citizens of the country they belong to and also as excellent human beings. There are multiple types of Whoawee games, 18 virtual worlds and 12 funny pets to accompany as friends— some are normal pets, some wild but sweet and loving. The site is ever growing with much more virtual worlds and pets being developed over a period of time.
Kids can adopt a pet, hunt through the different worlds of Whoawee and entertain themselves with the best of virtual games.

This game site is also an online play area with its own economy. The player receives money by playing and winning online games. It helps kids to be responsible and independent at a tender age while not missing the fun filled entertainment of childhood pranks. Parents can rightfully be concerned about their kid’s playtime at Whoawee. But as they too can participate in these online games, they are aware of their kid’s whereabouts and thus relaxed. The website’s online chat system too is very safe. It has various safety precautions, with restrictions on the text messages etc. Additionally, kids cannot type, but can choose phrases from a list to communicate. Parents are updated on a regular basis about their kid’s playtime. Whoawee has very positively proved to be a parental guide to kids and a healthy environment for their growth. Whoawee strives to maintain a fun safe online interesting experience by being a live mediator between the child and the world around. Above all , the best positive attribute that can be given to Whoawee World is that it’s an indoor game giving an exposure to the inner and outer world , wherein every child is constantly under parental presence thus away from any uncertain, unpredictable dangers of outdoor games, negative peer group influence etc. Here parents can also login to view their child’s account history, change the child’s password, know the games played and set a time limit to the child’s visit at Whoawee World.


A whole new array of options are available

Playtime at Whoawee World is constructive and positive for every kid. Whoawee has committed to connect learning and skill building with a sense of challenge, fun, and self esteem. Whoawee hopes to be a part of the future generation’s ongoing experience and development. It works hand in hand with every parent to enrich the growth of the child through this fun filled exciting site.

Other features of Whoawee include:

  • The ability to decorate a room, mix and match furniture.
  • Bathing a kid in the swimming pool, brushing pet’s teeth, hair, washing paws, feathers, feet, thus spreading a hygienic awareness in the surrounding.
  • Solving brainstorming fun quiz questionnaires relating to school subjects.
  • Shivering through a chilling adventure of real snow and teeth tattering ice in the virtual world of Snowy Mountain.
  • Relishing the most exciting moments through train travel where beautiful sites of the best of places and their famous monuments are featured.
  • Entertainment with the most memorable joyful Yacht Ride at Whoawee World.
  • Exploring the Golden Castle and the Beautiful Paradise.
  • Staying tuned with the latest expertise of the current, scientific, technological invention of the Digital and Computer World.
  • Travelling through the exciting educative journey of study and learning at the Whoawee Museum.
  • Getting outdoors on an exciting interactive flight of the World Tour.
  • Exploring the modernization of the City Town Mall.
  • Visiting the only international-style theme park and amusement centre situated at Whoawee World.
  • Diving into the world of virtual surprises and experiencing the uniqueness of the mysterious marine life of the Underwater World.
  • Celebrating the peace and warmth of the Virtual Village.
  • Learning and experiencing more about the chilling surprises of the alienated kingdom by journeying to another planet.
  • Experiencing the delicacies of the Candy and Chocolate Palace.
  • Taking a walk through the woods and forest and solving unraveling horrifying mysteries.
  • Exploring the beautiful home at Home Center.
  • Discovering the lush tropical oceanic Private Island.
  • Visiting historical old caves, beautiful, magnificent and filled with curiosity.
  • Sending gifts or letters to friends on a peer-to-peer network chat system.
  • Participating in challenging games, which can earn you great prizes and entertainment.
  • Whoawee also has membership opportunities where kids can join in and enjoy premium privileges and lots more fun.
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