Check Out The Video For The Now Scrapped Doom 4

This version of the game has been called a combination of Killzone and Rage with a bit of Gears of War mixed in.

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There has been an awful lot of talk about what Doom 4 is going to look like over the last few years. The real rumblings surrounding the game actually started back in July of last year when Bethesda started letting it be known they were going to be working on the next title in the long running series. Today we got a look at what the company had originally planned for this particular project.

A video has started making the rounds of a game that has now been confirmed as being scrapped, but it certainly looks like whatever Bethesda does come up with when talking about Doom 4 it was going to look quite a bit different than any of the other games in the series. This video, which was posted to the Doomworld website shows the work that id Software had been working on prior to 2012. This particular take on the Doom world has now been left in the dust.

Even if this isn’t the game anymore, it still allows people to see the concept that Bethesda and id were looking at for the game until the last few years. If any part of this video can be expected to be something along the lines of what Doom 4 will be, it will be a very interesting approach and a complete change from where the game went in the first three iterations. Now that we know what the game won’t be, it’s a safe bet that people are going to get even more fired up to see what the game will actually feature. Check out the video below for the canceled project that was to be Doom 4.

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