Crash Bandicoot Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Guide: How to Earn Wumpa Coins, Pit Stop Items and More

Here’s how to earn currency in the kart racer and where to spend it.

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crash team racing nitro-fueled

In Crash Bandicoot Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, you’ll earn Wumpa Coins. These are a special currency which can be used to unlock cosmetics and characters in the Pit Stop. You earn Wumpa Coins by racing in events – they cannot be purchased through microtransactions.

Earning the Most Wumpa Coins

So how do go about accruing Wumpa Coins? Firstly, track tiers make a difference.

The harder a course is, the more coins acquired. Courses are broken up into five tiers. Tier 20 courses provide 20 coins; Tier 20-B offers 20 coins; Tier 40 provide 40 coins; Tier 60 provides 60 coins; and Tier 80 offers 80 coins. These are the maximum number of coins earned for getting first place – playing online will see them increased by 5 times for Tier 20-B and 10 times for Tiers 20-80.

The total amount of coins earned goes down with subsequent placements. At second place, you get 90 percent of the maximum total while third place offers 85 percent. Anything below that will only net 75 percent of the total amount of coins possible and not finishing the race will only give 15 percent.

There are some other conditions though. Some days will randomly offer 10 times the amount of Wumpa Coins. Playing local multiplayer will grant coins only to the host so don’t bother trying to boost your friends. Also, if you try using cheat codes in an Offline Arcade race, then no coins are earned. You must disable the cheats to earn coins normally again.

The Pit Stop

This is where you’ll be spending those Wumpa Coins. The Pit Stop has stickers, decals, skins, wheels, karts and even characters to acquire. The Pit Stop will fresh its stock every 24 hours, which means that other items will be displayed in the lineup. There are no cosmetics that are locked.

After purchasing an item in the store, a different cosmetic of the same type will replace it. Buy every item in a specific type and that option will be replaced by a different cosmetic type. So if you purchase all of the characters, then a second option for purchasing skins will become available (Skin Packs and Kart Sets don’t count though).

You can obtain skins through other means in the game but these are the more simple recolours. For the skins that fully change a character’s look and provide unique podium animations, you need to spend coins in the Pit Stop.

Below are the different characters you can purchase in the Pit Stop, along with costs:

  • Crunch Bandicoot (also available in the Nitros Oxide Edition)
  • Krunk – 1500 Wumpa Coins
  • Small Norm – 1500
  • Big Norm – 1500 Wumpa Coins
  • Nash – 1500 Wumpa Coins
  • N. Trance (Summer Pack) – 7200 Wumpa Coins
  • Emperor Velo XVII – 1500 Wumpa Coins
  • Zem (also available in the Nitros Oxide Edition)
  • Zam (also available in the Nitros Oxide Edition)
  • Geary – 1500 Wumpa Coins

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