Cuphead Unlockables And Collectibles: Charms, Special Abilities, Weapons, Gold Coins Locations, And All Endings

Getting everything tucked away in Cuphead.

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Cuphead is an insanely nuanced and packed game- there’s so much going on, so much to unravel, and so much to dig out and discover. There are alternate endings, there are hidden gold coins, and there are upgrades to buy. In this guide, we walk you through all of that.


There are two endings in Cuphead:

  • Agree to hand over the Soul Contracts to the Devil when he asks you to- in this case, you unlock the ‘Bad’ ending
  • Refuse to hand over the Soul Contracts, fight the Devil, and take him down, to unlock the true, happy ending, where everyone who was bound to the Devil is now free of him


  1. You’ll get a Coin simply for completing the tutorial. Go you!
  2. Beat the bosses in Inkwell Isle 1. The Axeboy moves aside, ad you can find a Coin.
  3. Go behind the Aviary Action boss stage, go right and take the shortcut to the other side of the island, to the Gingerbread Girl who will give you this Coin.
  4. Parry four times without landing (i.e. ‘juggle’) for the Juggler in Inkwell Isle 2 to get this Coin.
  5. There is a Coin next to the Green Shack near the exit to Inkwell Isle 3.
  6. Find a Coin behind the stand near the Theater
  7. Look behind the stairs outside the Casino- the Coin is there, in plain sight.



  • Spread – 4G: My personal favorite, Spread is like a shotgun- immense damage, but low range. It can be devastating in boss fights.
  • Lobber – 4G: Lobber is another great weapon that hits hard. Unlike Spread, it doesn’t take a hit in range- instead, it can be really slow to fire. Only really patient and skilled players can make use of this properly.
  • Chaser – 4G: Chaser is a great jack of all trades weapon. Its bullets home in on enemies (so you don’t need to aim), and and it has a great range. As expected, it does not hit hard.
  • Charge – 4G: Literally does what the name suggests- charges up a shot before you fire. It hits hard, but is very slow firing.
  • Roundabout – 4G: Great coverage, but mediocre range (though you can make up for that by firing backwards)


  • Invincibility: Complete the Mausoleum Challenge 2 to get this one
  • Energy Beam: Complete Mausoleum Challenge 1 for this one
  • Giant Ghost: The ultimate power which combines both the previous two, unlock it by completing Mausoleum Challenge 3


  • Heart – 3G: Upgrades your health by 1 point- degrades your attack power.
  • Twin Hearts – 5G: Upgrades your health by 2 points, but degrades attack equivalent only to 1H upgrade
  • Sugar – 3G: Your initial parry move
  • Smoke Bomb: – 3G: The invisible dash, that makes you invincible as you dash
  • Coffee – 3G: Fills up your meter even when you are not doing anything
  • Whetstone – 3G: A parry move paired with an axe attack for extra damage

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