Darksiders 3 Guide – Where To Find Chunks of Adamantine And Luminous Visage

Some collectibles in Darksiders 3.

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Darksiders 3 is now out, and many fans of the game will find that it lives up to the anticipation and the intervening years since the last entry in the series. However, much like most games these days, Darksiders 3 is filled with collectibles to find, and in this guide we walk you through them.


Luminous Visages are effectively alternate ways for you to level up your character. There are multiple of these found throughout the game

  1. Bonelands – Flip the power switch in the first building after the Vulgrim Point in the Drowned District.
  2. Nether – Can be found in the chamber after defeating Sloth.
  3. Scar – Go back to where you met Abraxis by taking the tornado up later in the game. The arena is empty now, but the visage is still there.
  4. Bonelands – Go to where you fought Lust.
  5. Scar – It’s in between the two subway tunnels
  6. Depths – Look for a an area with eels at the bottom of the water right after the Forgotten Lake Vulgrim Point
  7. Nether – After drafting Avarice, go to the Atrium of Greed.
  8. Scar – This one is just sitting there once you beat Tempest
  9. Depths – Go to where you fought Gluttony
  10. Scar – When you defeat Wrath, you get this automatically
  11. Bonelands – There is a crawl space after the Mangled Highway Vulgrim point, and a red eyed enemy guarding it. It’s in that crawl space
  12. Depths – On the magnetic ceiling next to the Stasis Wall


You need to find three chunks of Adamantine—they not only help you get a Trophy/Achievement you need, but also are necessary to upgrade one specific weapon you have to Level 10. The video below shows you where to find them:

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