Days Gone 2 – 15 Big Improvements Sony Bend Needs To Implement

The key improvements Days Gone 2 needs to make to fully realize the first game’s potential.

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Days Gone may not have been the hyper-polished blockbuster release Sony’s first party studios usually put out, like The Last of Us, but viewed in isolation, there was a lot to love about the game. It was a classic “diamond in the rough” and as is the case with any game that that description applies to, developers Bend Studio have a great opportunity to make significant improvements with a sequel. A Days Gone 2 has not yet been announced, but it seems highly unlikely that it won’t happen, not only given how much Sony likes to cultivate franchises, but also how well the first game did. And when Days Gone 2 inevitably comes, with a few improvements, it can properly realize its predecessor’s incredible potential.

In this feature, we’ll talk about fifteen improvements we want to see in a sequel to Days Gone– some that need to be made to parts that just did not work, some to the bits that did work pretty well but still have room for improvements, and others, somewhere in between those two.

So without further ado, let’s get started.


Days Gone did a surprisingly good job of making its not-zombies (they’re zombies) legitimately interesting from a narrative perspective, with plenty of engaging lore and backstory, and that’s something that we want to see the sequel delve into a little bit more. Having the story focus more on the Infected and slightly less on the conflicts between the survivors would not only set it apart from the first game, it would also provide a new perspective on the world, and more information about the Freakers isn’t something any Days Gone fan would say no to. For instance, a greater focus on the lingering humanity of the undead – or the lack thereof – and the moral quandaries that that could lead to is something that would make for great narrative material.

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