Days Gone Info Blowout: No Kill Playthrough Not Possible, Large Cities, Dynamic Weather And Final Boss

This game sounds better and better each time I see it!

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I have to admit, I wasn’t all that hot on Days Gone when it was originally announced- it seemed so much like a standard open world meets zombie apocalypse game, and the two things we have had a lot of are open world games and zombie apocalypse stories.

However, from the information that has been coming in about the game thanks to the Game Informer blowout on the game, I am starting to get more and more interested in what Sony Bend might be cooking up. Much like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it sounds like the game will be a systemic open world game with survival elements sprinkled in.

More information emerged about the game when the developers of the title answered 157 questions rapid fire in a discussion with Game Informer. For instance, a fast travel system was confirmed (a necessity for an open world game), as was dynamic weather. That said, there will be no seasons in the game.

The game itself can be difficult, and while you will be encouraged to avoid combat in a lot of cases, a no kill playthrough will not be possible. While you will still be facing off against zombies, humans will form a major portion of the game, as friends and foes- as friends, there will be large cities and settlements for you to discover in the game, including a city with over 800 people. As foes, humans themselves can be enemies- in fact, the final boss of the game is a human and not a freaker.

The game is due out next year, exclusively for the PS4. According to Sony Bend, it will be out before The Last of Us Part 2 is.

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