Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant Alpha is Live, Expands on End-Game

The free DLC contains new weapons, new outfits, and a revamp of Boss Cells.

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Dead Cells Rise of the Giant

Motion Twin is currently in the final phases of its first free DLC plans for Dead Cells. It’s dubbed “Rise of the Giant“, and though a final release date for it wasn’t provided, the developer has made an alpha version available for owners to test out on Steam. Simply head to your Library, right-click on the game, and select Properties. Locate the Betas tab and look for “Alpha – Not for the faint hearted” in the drop-down box.

Once selected, start downloading the update and you’ll be good to go. Rise of the Giant is touted as having “a lot of new content” and will expand on the current end-game. One of the new biomes and the accompanying boss actually won’t be accessible until you beat the game once. Along with adding a fifth Boss Cell, the developer is also revamping how Boss Cells work in general.

Boss Cells 1 to 5 will feature new enemies, new skins (with 50 new outfits to unlock), new weapons, and much more. It’s worth noting that any saves created in the alpha version will be lost whenever an update is released. While you can import your old save files from the base game and continue progressing, they can’t be exported back. Check out some of the patch notes below.

Rise of the Giant

Important features

  • You’ll now get access to the Cavern level after you beat the game for the first time. Look for this place inside the Graveyard… This whole new level is filled with nasty traps, perilous lava pools and violent new enemies. New ways to die!
  • Custom Mode will be now unlocked after few runs (no need to beat the final boss anymore). Custom options were adjusted accordingly.
  • A new boss has arrived. Right after the Cavern, you will have access to this epic battle, so be prepared!
  • A new shiny Skinning system was added to the game, giving you access to more than 50 new character outfits. You can unlock by paying for amazing loot boxes in our new Premium Shop using your credit c… Oh wait. No no no. We don’t do that anymore. They will just drop as classic blueprints from existing enemies (in higher difficulty modes) and bosses. You might also find a few ones in specific hidden area of the game. You can customize your outfits in the Flask Room.
  • 10 new enemies types were added to the world! Some will wait for you in the Cavern or the hidden level, but many were also added to Hard / Very hard / Expert / Nightmare modes, for your sadistic pleasure. They will gladly bury your face into the ground, burn you to death and slice all your useful organs.
  • 3 new skills, including a flying pet and a single-use scroll that will reveal the current level map.
  • 10 new weapons, including the Giant Killer, the Boï Axe or the Thunder shield, for your violent needs.
  • A new Specialist shop replaces the old Hunter Grenade door in Prisoners’ Quarters. It’s still unlocked the classic way through the Collector shop. You can buy a Hunter Grenade, a Map or a nice shinny skin there.
  • A new complete hidden level was added for very advanced and skilled players to explore (did someone say Boss-Cells 5?). Unveil a whole new ending to your story by beating the crap out of the mysterious big bad guy that awaits for you there… Yes. There is an hidden boss fight too.
  • A new cursed gem might now drop from enemies that will grant tons of gold, but also curse you.
  • [Custom Game] Added an option to let the fountain always available in BC 1 and + (but will lock achievements)
  • The Custom Mode is now unlocked by beating a mini-boss in Prison Roofs.
  • Food drop was rebalanced. You now have 100% chance to have 1 unit on mobs and 1 unit hidden in walls in every levels, one food unit dropped by mobs is guaranteed to be clear from Infection, and food sold by shops is now always clean.

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