Dead Franchises That Should Get Revived

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We all know how much it hurts to see a fantastic game being released, not even realizing it’s the last game in the series, until ten years have already passed, when you look back and realize how much time it has been since a new instalment was released in your favourite, or one of the favourites, gaming franchise. We have gone through the same state. Some of our favvourite franchises have delivered spectacular releases, and have faded to oblivion, and they have never seen the light of the day again.

Recently, many long forgotten franchises, such as Donkey Kong, or Kirby, or Golden Sun, have been getting revivals, and others, like Diablo, will be getting one soon. It is in this time that we have our fingers crossed- we hope the franchises that we have listed below get to see new releases. They deserve at least one final hurrah, if not a full blown revival.



Shenmue, Shenmue II

Shenmue is probably the best Sega franchise till date. With an irrevocable masterpiece released for the Dreamcast, following up to a spectacular sequel  released soon after, Shenmue is probably one of the most qualitative franchises around. The problem is, Shenmue II was released in 2001, and since then, we have not had a much expected Shenmue III. Sega have hinted many a time at sequel, announcing and cancelling a Shenmue III at least twice, and cancelling yet another Shenmue title, Shenmue Online in 2006 (it is not yet confirmed). Fans have been waiting for a Shenmue title for ages, and Sega have shown no sign, except for saying that they are very keen to make a sequel, of obliging. Maybe it’s because of the poor sales of Shenmue II? Who knows. I just hope that Shenmue Online is still in development.



Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein

Okay, I know a Wolfenstein title with the same name as that of the series was released recently in 2009, but think about it- was it actually a return to the franchise’s former glory? Wolfenstien 3D and Return to Castle are two of the best titles of their respective generations, a lot was expected of the much anticipated and long in development sequel, but how sorely the game disappointed. While it was a decent shooter, we expected it to be much more than just “decent.” What we want is a proper, polished, refined sequel, that is worthy enough to bear the prestigious name of Wolfenstien. We want a game that outdoes its fathers.

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