Deadpool Mega Guide: Unlimited DP Points, Trophies, Achievements And Strategies

All you need to know about Deadpool.

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This is a complete game guide for Deadpool. Unlock achievements, trophies, unlimited DP points and devise strategies to make the most out of the game.

Check out the entire guide below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Complete  Achievement/Trophy guide for Deadpool:

The first one’s free!

Pretty simple to unlock. Just follow the tutorial in the introduction section of the game.

I’m expecting company

You need to make 1000 pancakes to unlock this trophy/achievement. Check out the video below to see how you can unlock this.

The second one is also free…

The player needs to be Pretty. You should be able to unlock this naturally as you play through the first few levels.

Makin’ a game!

You need to interact with the following items during the first mission of the game. Basically there are 14 items that you need to interact with.

Living Room has 6 items:

  • Watch Television
  • Lay on the couch
  • Pet your dog
  • Practice your guitar
  • Call to Nolan North)
  • Interact with the book case

Kitchen has 3 items

  • The player needs to make Pancakes
  • Eat pizza in four bites

Bedroom has 3 items:

  • Use the Internet
  • Blow up the doll
  • Check out your gun

Bathroom  has 2 items:

  • Make a Stink Pickle
  • Wash your hands

In the lobby comboin’ your dudes

The player needs to perform 40 combo before they lock the elevators. You can use your Beauroyre Blades in order to perform the combos.

49 in 5

The player needs to go from the studio lobby to the boardroom without dying in 5 minutes. Here is a video guide for the same:

The house that bounces

The player needs to complete job one to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Catch me if you can

You’ll need to defeat Arclight without taking damage from her purple-glowing slam attack. The best way is to keep teleporting. If you are still having difficulty, you can refer to the video below:

No Chance in heaven

The player needs to complete Complete “Taking a Chance” mission in order to unlock this.

Let’s try one more time…

This is a pretty funny trophy/achievement. You need to slap Wolverine a bunch of times to unlock this. As you can seen from the video below, just keep on slapping.

Curious about Cable

This is a pretty self explanatory trophy/achievement, but if you are still lost in the woods, check the video guide below.

Remarkably quiet

The player needs to use stealth to kill 4 enemies in the Tower Plaza. We recommend following the stealth pattern below:

Caribou’s Shoe

The player needs to complete the ‘Genosha’ mission to unlock Caribou’s Shoe.

Fish out of water

A tricky achievement but still pretty manageable.  You need to get through Toxic River without falling into or touching the water and taking damage. Follow the video below to unlock this achievement:

Silent and deadly

During the Landed in the Prison Chapter, you will approach Sinister. Get rid of his men silently with stealth kills. There are 3 of them and video below will make your life easier.

Lady Deadpool-like

Complete “Landed in Prison” mission to unlock this.

Officially a Carny

During this particular level you will come across relics. Afterwards Death will lead you to a challenge. Pick the orange relic all the way to the right called “Speak No Evil”. Eventually you will pick up a candy gun turret. Then you need to enter a carnival and beat the high score and BAM! Achievement Unlocked.

Diggin’ in the crates

You need to select “Hear No Evil”. Death will then lead you to a dark level and as you move along you will see treasure chests.You need to open them up as soon as possible before the darkness hurts you. Open up 11 of the treasure chest and you will unlock this trophy.


You need to beat “Death, Baby” while wearing the pirate hat.  The player will come across a situation where the player will meet Cable and Death. The player needs to select the orange one when given the option to select three paths. Check out the video below:


The player needs to complete “Death, Baby” mission.

Spawn more Deadpool-lords

The player needs to collect all DP points and ammo in the bathroom. You need to grab the pistol ammo before you begin hunting for this trophy.


This achievement is obtained on the ‘ The Road to Victory’ mission. The player will come across a new objective that says “A gaggle of chumps. Let’s waste ’em.”

After taking out a few enemies, the player will come across cubicles . You need to check out the last cubicle and shoot the printer.

I can open doors!

The player needs to complete the Breach in 10 seconds.

JR’s Big Adventure

Complete “The Road to Victory” mission to unlock this trophy.


The player needs to make it across the floating debris without falling. Just time your jumps and teleports well and you should be fine.

Suck it, Wolverine!

Complete “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!” mission from start to finish without dying.

It’s a trap!

Score a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!”. This trophy can be easily unlocled when the player is fully upgraded with an SMG and Shotgun.

A Sinister smush

Complete “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!” mission.

I am Deadpool

Complete “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!” from start to finish using only swords and pistols. Use your momentum abilities from the swords and pistol.

No DP? No madness

Complete the game on Veteran difficulty.

Know DP? Know madness

Complete the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty.

So you’ve got some free time?

Complete “Landed in Prison” without countering any attacks. Use flashbang grenades for the end boss and you should be okay.

Shall I? I Shanti!

In “Genosha” mission, reach the fan girl using only Hammers and Pulse Rifles. Check out the video guide to make your way across.

Taco Savior

Collect 100 tacos.


Purchase all Player Upgrades.

Cole’d Blooded

Combo an entire wave on any Gold-tier Challenge map. Check out the video below to unlock this achievement.

Pull the grenade, throw the pin

Kill a total of 15 enemies by holding cooked grenades.

Drunk on power

Upgrade all weapons to max.

Be like Joe

You need a perform a 300 hit combo.This combo can be performed during “The Road to Victory” on the Veteran difficulty. The player needs to play Veteran difficulty and have the shotgun and uzis fully upgraded.

Secret Trophies:


Take no damage on the waterslide. Check out the video below:

This game is rigged!

Shoot everything from the Wheel of Insanity (Balloons and the Cow)

Game On!

This is a story related achievement.

Game Over!

You need to stealth Kill Sinister, in the Prison, with the Sword.

Patience is not a virtue

Choose the patience option all the way through the line in the Carnival. Check out the video below to find your way across.

You’ve been Cole-slaw-tered!

You need to die 10 times near the Gates of Evil.

Only when he stops breathing

Set the Dialog Volume slider to zero.

Gold rush

Complete five Gold Challenges

Shields up

Complete a Gold- or Silver-tier Challenge while countering at least 25 times.

Okay, you can sell the game now

Unlock every other trophy or achievement to unlock this one.

Unlimited DP Points:

You can earn infinite DP points by simply repeating the tutorial section over and over again. Using this you can achieve a lot of DP points and upgrade your weapons.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of Deadpool here.

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