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Demon’s Souls will be one of this years best RPG’s, if not the best.

Demon’s Souls is probobly gonna be the Playstation 3’s best RPG title to date (exclusive wise) , and in this preview i will explain to all of you the reason for that.


To start off , Demon’s Souls is a dungeon crawler Action RPG title. the story takes place in Boletaria, ruled by the King Allant, which he used the power of souls for power and wealth gathering, which caused a mighty demon horde to poure into the kingdom, devouring the souls of men.

You start by selecting a hero to save the kingdom and kill all the demon’s, characters are fully customizable from choosing a hairstyle to selecting a class, you can choose to be a Knight, Priest, Thief, Magician, Temple Knight, Soldier, Wanderer, Barbarian, Royalty, or a Hunter.

The class you choose determines yours stats and equipment that you will play with, and each character starts with a soul level 1, as you progress through the game and kill demon’s you will level up your soul level.

Fans of RPG’s will find Demon’s Souls very similar to other RPG’s, you find weapons, money, and equipment as you progress, you level up, kill enemies on your way, but what makes Demon’s Souls different is the fact that your main goal is to kill bosses, demons as mentioned before, this can all be done alone, or you can choose to slay the Demon’s with a friend online using Online Co-Op.


But like i mentioned there is online Co-Op in the game, but its very different in Demons Souls. Every now and then you will see ghosts of other players,  they can send you hints and messages that may help you before going into a battle with a demon, but they can also be handful by telling you where other creatures are hiding or where you can find treasures.

You cant really interact with other online players besides giving hints and messages, only if you want them to, they can be actual people playing with you, Co-op i should say, you can both do quests and slay Demon’s together, but overall this is probobly the RPG that gives you the best feel of being online, of course you can play offline aswell, but since this game is probobly one of the hardest games this gen, without other players hints and messages you will find the game to be even harder than it already is.

Speaking of online, the game also has elements of MMO’s, such as PVP, players can fight each other with up to 4 players, so we excpect big online things from Demon’s Souls, this game will be twice as fun while you are online.

Demon’s Souls is expected to be released on October 6th, while the Asian versions have already been released, you can still get the game now, but in the NA release the team will fix some stuff here and there and those who have the asian version wont be able to play with people who play the NA version online since they are doing a whole new server for the NA version.

Demon’s Souls should definetly bee on your to-get list,  with postive reviews of the asian versions, the game is surely going to be another great title for the Playstation 3.

Did i mention that the game is about 60-90 hours of gameplay?

Check out the official site of the game here!

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