Destiny 2: Black Armory Guide – How To Solve The Niobe Labs Puzzle

A complete guide for solving this lengthy puzzle.

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In this guide we are going to take a look at how players can solve the Niobe Labs puzzle. Let’s jump right into it!

Prerequisites: We strongly suggest Black Armory Bow, Sniper and Machine Gun. And a Firteam, ofcourse!

Location of the puzzle: Go to Sojourner’s Camp region of the EDZ. You need to be on the lower side of the region. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to divide the solution into multiple parts.

Puzzle Solution – Part 1: Once you have reached the puzzle region, look out for Fire, Stone and Wind symbols. Once spotted you need to destroy the Stone, Wind and Fire elements with Black Armory Bow, Sniper and Machine Gun respectively.  If you do this right, a audio will get triggered. 

Puzzle Solution – Part 2: Now, you need to shoot even more symbols. Using the Machine Gun, shoot the storm. Now you need to go to the Moon platform, and shoot the T+HREBFLU+  symbol. Next up, switch to your Sniper and stand on the Tiger platform and shoot the following symbols. Ensure you shoot in the following order: Fish, Lotus and finally, Temple. Now, head to the Dragon platform and shoot the following symbols. Once again, order is important. Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo, and finally, Temple. Now go to the Fish platform and shoot the Lotus icon.

Finally we have the Bow. Follow this order: Morning platform-  shoot Missive, Trees, Water and Rose. Wind platform- Missive, Missive (yes, twice!). Remain on the morning platform and shoot: Missive, Rose and finally, Water. 

If you got it right, another audio will get triggered.

Puzzle Solution – Part 3 – Niobe’s Torment –This part is split into seven levels. In Level 1, you need to stand on the Hand and spell out Butterfly. And that’s it. For Level 2, check out the display and equip the LGM. Now stand on the Hand, shoot the following symbols in order: Fire, Cloud. Now take out your Sniper, make your way to the Fish platform and shoot the Rabbit and then the Lotus. For Level 3, you need a fireteam since you need to hit a number symbols simultaneously. Dragon platform, shoot Bamboo. Wind platform, shoot Water. Star platform, shoot Fire. For Level 4, while in the air, spell out Fly. Level 5 requires the following pattern: Bow – Butterfly, Sniper – Fish and LMG – hand.

Level 6 requires all players to stand on Butterfly platform and shoot the Tree Symbol. All hits must be simultaneous. Level 7 requires all three players to shoot in the following manner: Player 1 – Stand on Hand and shoot + U L F B E R H + using Solar weapon. Player 2 – Use Arc weapon, Stand on Butterfly, Shoot On Tree and Missive symbols. Shoot Heart, Heart, Trees and Wings whilst on Daybreak platform. Player 3 – Use Void weapon, stand on Tiger platform, shoot Fish, Lotus and Temple, and then Dragon platform, and shoot Arch, Rabbit, Bamboo and Temple.

This solves the puzzle!

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