Destiny House of Wolves DLC: Patch 1.1.2 Datamining Reveals More Info

New ship schematics, Strike and Story mission information and more revealed in the recent patch.

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Destiny_House of Wolves

Bungie recently updated Destiny with the long-awaited patch 1.1.2 that added more vault space and fixed several glitches with the game’s raid. Enterprising data-miners sought the opportunity to crack open the patch for more information. None of this has been confirmed by Bungie so take it with a grain of salt.

First off, there’s the Halls of Amentat social space, a hangout on Mercury for the Trials of Osiris event. It also seems that the event will be PvP-based, as originally revealed, and rather than being expelled upon losing three matches, Guardians now seemingly drop out from losing “too many matches”.

The Reef social space also seems to be called “Queen’s Bay” and will be your entry point for collecting Reef bounties (which indicates that the Queen’s Wrath event will simply be merged into House of Wolves) and taking part in the Prison of Elders Arena activity. Trials of Osiris can also be accessed from here seemingly, so it’s likely a placeholder for old information.

The three story missions for House of Wolves seem to be more or less similar to what was discovered before. You’ll hunt the House of Wolves in a caldera on Venus and attempt to kill the pack before Skolas can rally them in “An Army of Wolves”; head to the Terminus on Venus (which has received a major facelift with the recent patch to hunt down Skolas in “The World Ravager”; and scouring the Cosmodrome to kill the Wolves’ Baron and his allies in “A Joining of Houses”.

This expansion’s strike is called “The Shadow Thief” and sees you boarding a Ketch on the Moon to kill Taniks-Syn. Will those new and improved Devil Walker tanks make an appearance? We’ll have to wait and see.

Players will have four new Crucible maps, ranging from The Timekeeper in Meridian Bay and the Thieve’s Den in Ishtar Sink to the Widow’s Court in the European Dead Zone and Black Shield in Firebase Thuria on Phobos. There will also apparently be 46 new ship schematics, including an Exotic ship called the Manus Celer Dei, and a Tuned Drive upgrade for your Sparrow.

Once again, we’ll need to wait for the official reveal from Bungie in the coming days for more information but it seems unlikely that it would change too much at this point. Destiny’s House of Wolves is out on May 19th for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


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