Destiny: Top 15 Things the Next Expansion Shouldn’t Have

There are plenty of things Bungie shouldn’t have in future DLCs. Here are a few.

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Destiny: The Taken King has impressed quite a lot of people, becoming the most downloaded game in history and earning sizable amounts of acclaim in the process. As always, there are issues but we’re more concerned about what direction Bungie will take when it comes to things it should and shouldn’t keep around. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of features and nuisances that we don’t want to see in the next expansion (or any future expansion) and while we doubt it will inspire much change, it just might point out the number of areas that Destiny should continue to improve on.

Poor Raid Drop Rates

Raids are the best content that Destiny has to offer, both due to their overall fun factor and the inherent challenges. You’d think that the most challenging content would offer you the greatest rewards but it’s affected by some seriously weird drop rates that have affected the game since the vanilla launch.

I know what you’re thinking. “But what about the ‘Smart Loot’ concept that Bungie promised which would give you drops based on what you’ve already received?” Unfortunately, creative director Luke Smith somewhat debunked that concept, which means the raid drops still aren’t as intelligent as we’d like. It also doesn’t help that the Moldering Shards concept, where gathering 20 of said materials nets you an extra drop upon defeating Oryx, is as RNG as everything else.

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