Detroit: Become Human Complete Guide: Trophies, Different Endings, All Graffiti Locations, All Magazine Locations, And More

A complete guide for Detroit: Become Human.

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Detroit: Become Human is the newest game from Quantic Dream, and it’s a game which places a heavy emphasis on narrative. Although the game doesn’t feature any traditional gameplay per se, the tension in the game hinges on the decisions you make because every decision has a consequence. There are also some collectibles to find and multiple endings to see! This guide will provide all of the information you would want to know about this game.

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Take Your Time To Explore The World

Although there are timed situations in the game where you will have to act quickly, much of the game unfolds at a slower pace. take your time to explore the world and search for every clue you possibly can, which will help you learn more about the story.

Make Decisions Carefully

While there is no clearly right choice to make in the game at all times, you should still be careful when making a decision. A bad decision could lead to character deaths and you might end up regretting it.

Look Out For Collectibles

There are magazines and newspapers to read, and these will help you understand more about the game’s world and if you read them all, you will be able to earn the ‘Bookworm’ trophy.


You can find below a list of all of the trophies you can earn in the game.

Detroit Master: Collected all trophies

Thank You: Play the first chapter

Shelter: Kara and Alice slept in the motel or the squat

We Are Free: Kara and Alice escaped Todd’s House

Mission Accomplished: Connor saved Emma

Know Your Partner: Connor found all the clues about Hank

Run Kara Run: Kara and Alice escaped the police

Self- Control: Markus let Leo win

Escape The Manor: Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko’s house

Survivors: Everyone is alive at the end

This Is My Story: Finish the game once.

Bookworm: Find every single magazine in the game

Mission Complete: Connor killed the leader of the deviants

Moral Victory: Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back

Compliant: Connor stayed a machine

Happy Family: Kara, Alice, Luther are together at the end

These Are Our Stories: Spend 20,000 bonus points

I’ll Be Back: Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end

Scorched Earth: Markus or Connor detonated the freighter

When A Plan Comes Together: Markus broadcasted his message without raising an alarm or having a team casualty

A Smile On Her Face: Alice enjoyed a ride on the merry-go-round

Catch It: Connor caught up with Rupert

Confrontation: Marcus attacked the police

Defend Yourself: Markus pushed Leo

Burn The Place: Markus conducted a violent riot

One Of Us: Connor became deviant

Partners: Hank and Connor were friends until the end

Undefeated: Don’t lose any fight before reaching the end

An Army Of Me: Connor converted the androids

Three At Jericho: Bring the three characters to Crossroads

Liberation: Markus reached the camp and liberated the androids

Bloodhound: Connor got the location of Jericho by himself

Priorities: Connor killed the Chloe

Send A Message: Markus conducted a pacifist riot

Nothing To See Here: Kara succeeded to make the cop go away

Kinship: Connor refused to kill the Chloe

Just A Machine: Hank killed Connor

Confession: Connor made the android confess

Deviant Located: Connor found the deviant in the attic

Secrets: Kara discovered the content of Alice’s box

Safe Harbor: Kara and Alice passed the border

My Turn To Decide: Connor resisted hacking attempt from CyberLife

Escape Death: Kara and Alice escaped the recycling center

Survivors: Everyone is alive at the end

Stand Your Ground: Markus stood his ground against the police

Save Hank: Connor saved Hank


There can be very different outcomes for the three main characters in the game, based on the decisions you make. Below you can see the different endings that each of these characters can get.

Connor’s Story

Connor’s story is one that will determine the entire fate of the androids. Below are the different endings he can get.

  • Connor Kills The Deviant Leader: To get this ending, you just have to stick to the mission and just make decisions like a robot would. Eventually, Connor will be pitted against Markus, and if you choose Connor’s side, he will end up killing the Deviant leader.
  • Connor Dies: This is quite an easy ending to get and all you have to do is fail a bunch of Quick Time Events. Even if you stick to the mission, Connor will eventually die as he is replaced by another model.
  • Connor Does Not Assassinate Markus: To get this ending, you must consistently act in an empathetic way and when CyberLife tries to force Connor to kill Markus, just find the Emergency Exit to prevent the assassination from happening.

Markus’ Story 

Markus’ story is one about protest and revolution, so there are many ways in which he influences the game’s story and world. You can read below the different endings awaiting him.

  • Markus Dies During The Protest: You fail QTE events here and end up dead and you’ll also end up dead if you accept Fowler’s deal.
  • Markus Dies During The Revolution: During the revolution, it is possible to fail just by failing at QTE events, and Markus can even be killed by Connor if you choose Connor’s side.
  • Markus Lives During The Protest: To get this ending, just don’t accept Fowler’s deal and make sure you pass all of the QTE events. When you are cornered, you should either choose to kiss North if you have the option available, or start singing.
  • Markus Lives During The Revolution: You will have to succeed all of the QTE events and then thwart Connor’s plans. Keep in mind that winning the revolution is still a bit ambiguous because of all the bloodshed.

Kara’s Story

Kara’s story is one that is emotionally intense and really heartbreaking at times. You can read below the different endings which await her.

  • Kara Dies At The End Of The Game: If you choose not to follow instructions and to not escape, then Kara will die.
  • Alice Dies While Kara Survives: If you end up at the recycling center, Alice can end up dead if you leave by volunteering to take an android body to the dump. You can also make Alice’s stress levels too high so that she will end up dying.
  • Kara Dies In Her House: It is possible for Kara to end up dead right in the beginning if you choose to stay still when the abusive father says so.
  • Kara Dies And Alice Survives: If you go against the guards in any way, it’s an easy way for Kara to end up dead. You can also choose for to sacrifice herself when at the Canadian border line.
  • Kara And Alice Both Survive: Join Alice’s line while waiting in line for death. Then, look to Luther to your left and then look to your right to the fenceand recognize it as the escape route. Send the scarred bots first if you want the ‘Happy Family’ trophy. Later as they are all escaping through the fence, a guard will stop Kara, and when this happens, you should choose protect Alice and then pass the following QTE events successfully! Doing so will ensure that Alice, Kara, and Luther will all survive.


In the game, you will be on a quest to find a place called Jericho, but in order to do that, you will have to find 7 different graffiti. Listed below are the locations of all 7 of them.

  • The First Graffiti: When you get off the train, look to the wall on your left and scan it to find the first graffiti.
  • The Second Graffiti: Just leave the station using the escalator and as soon as you get off the escalator, you will be able to see the second graffiti.
  • The Third Graffiti: Use the crosswalks to cross the street and you will come across the third graffiti on the wall of a building.
  • The Fourth Graffiti: Walk down the street past the building and you will come across a fence on your left. You can scan 2 of the symbols right away, but to scan the third, you will have to go under the fence and move the piece of wood to see it.
  • The Fifth Graffiti: Go into the area where there are lots of cars and scan the symbol on the wall when you see it. Climb up using the dump cart and find the remaining 2 symbols.
  • The Sixth Graffiti: Jump down from the roof to the other side and you will be able to see the red graffiti on a tall building.
  • The Seventh Graffiti: Go back the way you came until you come across a corridor. Walk down the corridor and you will find the last graffiti in a room.


There are a lot of magazines to collect in the game and apart from being collectibles, they also provide interesting details about the game’s world. You can find below details about each magazine’s location.

  • Magazine No. 1: Found in the ‘Shade of Color’ chapter. The magazine is on a bench to the right.
  • Magazine No. 2: Found in ‘A New Home’ chapter. It is on the kitchen table which is to the right of the front door.
  • Magazine No. 3: Found in ‘A New Home’ chapter. It can be found upstairs in Todd’s bedroom on a cupboard.
  • Magazine No. 4: Found in ‘The Painter’ chapter. It’s lying on the coffee table in front of the television.
  • Magazine No. 5: Found in ‘Partners’ chapter. You can find it on the kitchen counter.
  • Magazine No. 6: Found in the ‘Fugitives’ chapter. It is inside the laundromat on a cupboard to the left where you enter from.
  • Magazine No. 7: Found in ‘Waiting For Hank’ chapter. The magazine changes depending on whether you made a decision for Markus to attack Leo or not. You will have to replay the chapter and get both outcomes to get both versions of the magazine.
  • Magazine No. 8: Found in ‘On The Run’ chapter. You will find the magazine nearby regardless of where you sleep.
  • Magazine No. 9: Found in ‘Jericho’ chapter. The version changes depending on whether Kara was caught by police or not. You will have to replay the chapter to get both versions.
  • Magazine No. 10: Found in ‘The Nest’ chapter. Just before the room with the pigeons, the magazine can be found in a side room to the right.
  • Magazine No. 11: Found in ‘Zlatko’ chapter. The version changes depending on whether Kara was caught by police or not. You will have to replay the chapter to get both versions.
  • Magazine No. 12: Found in ‘Russian Roulette’ chapter. It can be found inside Hank’s bedroom.
  • Magazine No. 13: Found in ‘The Eden Club’ chapter. It can be found towards the back of the warehouse on a box.
  • Magazine No. 14: Found in ‘The Pirate’s Cove’ chapter. It can be found inside the pirate’s house atop the barrels.
  • Magazine No. 15: Found in ‘The Bridge’ chapter. It can be found on the bench when you get out of the car.
  • Magazine No. 16: Found in ‘Stratford Tower’ chapter. The magazine is on Floor 47 in the same area as the restaurant.
  • Magazine No. 17: Found in ‘Public Enemy’ chapter. The magazine can be found in the kitchen.
  • Magazine No. 18: Found in ‘Midnight Train’ chapter. The magazine is lying on the kitchen table.
  • Magazine No. 19: Found in ‘Meet Kamski’ chapter. The magazine is near the picture of Amanda.
  • Magazine No. 20: Found in ‘Freedom March’ chapter. This magazine will only be present if Markus had organized a violent riot in Capitol Park. It can be found to the left of Markus when the chapter begins.
  • Magazine No. 21: Found in ‘Crossroads’ chapter. The magazine will only be available if Markus had attacked the police in the previous chapter. It can be located on a box just before the stairs.
  • Magazine No. 22: Found in ‘Battle For Detroit’ chapter. It can be found on a bench in the Android camp. However, it will only be available if Markus had organized a peaceful protest.
  • Magazine No. 23: Found in ‘Battle For Detroit’ chapter. It can be found to the right of the bus stop. It will only be present if Markus organized a violent revolution.

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