Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review Round-Up

Posted By | On 22nd, Aug. 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases in a day in North American regions, and three days after that in Europe. The reviews, though, have already started to come in, and they have nothing but good things to say.

Rather than you having to go through the entire internet, we have compiled links to all Deus Ex: Human Revolution reviews here. We will keep updating this post, so keep checking back! If we have missed out any links, let us know via your comments.

IncGamers- 100/100
“Despite the quality of the combat, the emphasis on gameplay options, the diverse set of augmentations and the substantial side-missions, what will stay with me about Human Revolution is its focus on creating a rich, believable world filled with interesting characters, themes and conflicting ideals. The mere fact that it aims for such lofty narrative heights is commendable, the fact that it achieves them is worthy of celebration.”

1UP- 100/100
“It’s rare that I play a game that doesn’t just let me play the way I like, but actually showers me with prizes for doing so, and I love it.”

Official Xbox Magazine UK- 100/100
“Human Revolution stands proudly alongside the best in cyberpunk fiction, in any medium let alone just games… So few games allow you to carve a subtly unique path through every single encounter and, while major plot points remain the same, you’ll feel like your journey was your own.”

Digital Spy- 100/100
“Fans of the series will be delighted at just how much Eidos Montreal has gotten right with this prequel, from the dark cyberpunk visuals to the open-ended puzzle solutions. It tells an epic story full of twists and turns, set atop an incredibly challenging gameplay experience.”

Worth Playing- 97/100
“It is a brilliantly constructed game that sets up a world and then sets the player loose, allowing you to explore as you see fit. From the art direction to the genre-bending gameplay, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a landmark in game design that is sure to be referenced in the years to come. Buy it without hesitation.”

Strategy Informer- 95/100
“Challenging, addictive, immersive… provided you like stealth-based action – there hasn’t been an action/RPG this good in a long while.” 95/100
“Human Revolution might not be as revolutionary as the original was back when it came out, but the main elements of this series is still as exciting and downright unique as it was ten years ago. This is how a game that wants to tell a story should be: interactive and focussed. On top of that, Human Revolution takes place in one of the best virtual worlds ever. Some technical hiccups don’t get in the way of this impressive experience.”

Gaming Target- 95/100
“There’s plenty of exploration to be had in the cities built on top of each other (think: Futurama), challenging gameplay that requires thought-out strategy and 21 categories of game-defining augmentations. I love how augmentations are so well tied to Adam Jensen’s multi-layered, sci-fi narrative as well as the gameplay.”

Destructoid- 95/100
“With its flowing, open approach to mission structure, thoroughly engrossing story and gorgeous visuals, this is the kind of game that all others should strive to be. While there are some elements that don’t feel quite as developed as they should have been, and augmentation is more Hobson’s choice than true choice, Human Revolution provides a level of quality that only the most adamant cynic could fail to be impressed by. More importantly, it is everything a fan of Deus Ex could want in a game.”

Gamefront– 95/100
“DXHR is just a joy to play, despite its somewhat anti-climactic final level and its slight tendency to overpower the player as time goes on with a few too many augments, weapons and credits. It would be a great game without its narrative; it would be a great narrative without its gameplay. Melded together, DXHR becomes the premier single player experience this year, and possibly for the last few years. Maybe even for this whole console hardware generation. This is a game you must play.”

PC Gamer- 94/100
“A dark, cool, and beautiful revival of an incredible game.”

Xbox World 360 Magazine UK- 94/100
“Massive, ambitious and thoroughly brilliant, Deus Ex Human Revolution turns out to be three different games at once, and all of them are outstanding.”

ComputerAndVideoGames- 94/100
“Massive, ambitious and thoroughly brilliant, Deus Ex Human Revolution turns out to be three different games at once, and all of them are outstanding.”

Games Master UK- 94/100
“It is a great shooter, it is a great stealth game, and those parts come together to make it a great RPG. It’s a once-in-a-generation kind of game, and the first game in a decade to do everything the original Deus Ex did, and to do almost all of it better.”  [Oct 2011, p.88]

LazyGamer.Net– 93/100
“Deus Ex Human Revolution is a triumph, obviously created by people who understand and love the original Deus Ex. Incredibly well crafted, it’s a smart game for smart gamers.”

SpazioGames- 90/100
“The task of reviving one of the milestones of gaming wasn’t easy at all, but Eidos Montreal ultimately did it, filling its creation with care, love and choice. Complex, replayable, and offering a wide range of different gameplay experiences, Deus Ex: HR doesn’t come flawless (long loading times, occasional bugs, forgettable boss fights), but it’s a game that fans of the original don’t want to miss, as well as everybody else looking for a game that makes you really play with it.”

Joystiq- 90/100
“An imperfect, complex and ambitious reminder of what a game can be when it’s unafraid.”

TheSixthAxis- 90/100
“It’s obvious how much time Eidos Montreal has spent on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and behind the wonderful design is a solid game with a plot that will keep you guessing. This is a quality product in the same class as Dead Space 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and I’m sure it will be in many of the 2011 awards lists.”

PSX Extreme- 90/100
“The camera and control can be a little iffy, the maze-like quality of certain districts can get annoying, and the AI and technical presentation feels somewhat dated. But the gameplay is absolutely stellar. It’s a pleasure to play such a COMPLETE experience. The depth is there, the style and atmosphere is there, the action is there, and the story is there.” 90/100
“A futuristic FPS with RPG elements, a great story, interesting side missions and choices that matter.”

Bit-Gamer- 90/100
“The combat isn’t the best you’ll ever play, the dialogue not the punchiest, the stealth not the sneakiest…But that’s missing the point. Human Revolution is a game to take as an entire experience, where you can shift at will from having exciting gunfights to crawling around in vents, and where every victory is all the sweeter for knowing you chose to do it that way.”

NZGamer- 90/100
“As a complete package its clearly an impressive, engrossing experience. Its storyline is excellent, its characterisation, voice acting, score and script are very well done, and its aesthetic is deliciously dystopian. The only fly in the ointment is its binary combat mechanics.”

RPG Fan- 90/100
“There are fumbles present which hint at a larger scope that may have been compromised during development, but the core essence of player choice and flexibility stands true. The sense of reward for each thoughtful approach and calculation brought a smile to my face and made me feel like a complete badass. Just like the original, Human Revolution is at its best when it shuts up and lets you decide how to accomplish your goals.”

3DJeugos- 90/100
“Deus Ex is yet again, more than the sum of its parts, one of the most captivating games in years. It’s a title far from perfect, however is a must play for anyone who is passionate for great Sci-Fi stories and action games.”

VideoGamer-  90/100
“Perhaps the strongest compliment I can pay Eidos Montreal is this: with its grand design, dynamic play and sheer wealth of ideas – not to mention its old-fashioned pre-occupation with air vents – Deus Ex: Human Revolution is reminiscent of the best efforts from the golden era of PC gaming at the end of the 90s. It’s a modern release imbued with the finer qualities of an age gone by.”

EuroGamer- 90/100
“One of those rare games that knows you can’t be perfect all the time, and that you have the right to change your mind about your actions later. It just wants to be played with and enjoyed – and when you finish, you just want to play with it again.”

GamerFitNation– 90/100
“In conclusion, Deus Ex:  Human Revolution is an excellent game. If you’re into Sci-Fi action dramas with a good storyline then this is the game for you. This is a great take on a futuristic spy action drama. The revolution will not be televised, because you’re going to be playing it. Great job Eidos, keep em coming.”

IGN- 90/100
“It’s a visionary, considered piece of work, and while my thoughts drift to the things that could have been and the compromises made due to the possibilities of video games in 2011, they’re just as quick to consider playing through it again.”

Edge Magazine- 90/100
“From its sluggish, restrictive start, Human Revolution opens into a world of scintillating possibility in which your actions’ significance reaches far into the future. And with something like that difficult future approaching fast, Human Revolution achieves a rare accolade: it’s not just a great game, but a timely one.”

Da Gameboyz- 88/100
“Incredibly deep and offers up an action RPG game that will surely please those gamers who enjoy playing games like Splinter Cell and Mass Effect. It is a visually stunning game that features a top notch audio package and a storyline that is engaging.”

Planet Xbox 360- 88/100
“The graphics are really outstanding for a game of this type, and the combat/stealth/social scenarios are second-to-none, giving you a wide range of choices, whether it’s how you play through the game or adapt your body to make situations fare better in your favor.”

GameTrailers- 87/100
“Offers a good deal of mischief to get into, and it’s all backed up by a great stealth system and a solid shooting game. With its variable story, as well as how it encourages you to alter your approach to obstacles, it’s also a game that rewards multiple playthroughs. The future is bleak and at times ugly, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Official Xbox Magazine- 85/100
“While so many stealth games equate any sort of detection with total failure, Human Revolution lets the chaotic consequences of exposure play out in all their unpredictable glory. Shoddy storytelling means that all the sound and fury that results ultimately signifies dreadfully little, but at no point short of death do you every truly lose – you just have a different kind of fun.” 85/100
“Deus Ex: Human Revolution does not distance itself from the charming ambiguity of the whole series. The attention to detail of a society plagued by the man-machine moral conflict and the balanced combination of Action-RPG and FPS components can offer a truly deep gameplay.”

Gaming Age- 83/100
“It does a fantastic job of capturing a lot of the gameplay elements that made the original Deus Ex so much fun, and from a story perspective leads into the events of the original nicely.”

Gamespy- 80/100
“Although it doesn’t quite match the lofty excellence of the original Deus Ex, it’s a much better game than Invisible War and a welcome rebirth for a brand that many – including me – thought was long past its prime. Not quite a classic, but definitely worth your money and time.”

EuroGamer Italy- 80/100
“The best card played by Eidos Montreal is the core of the stealth gameplay, and the vast array of augmentations can change drastically the way the player can solve the most intricate security situations. Ok, the graphics and the combat probably aren’t the freshest beverage of this summer, but for 20+ hours of high quality hide and catch, you can drink them anyway and leave the complains for the inevitable DLCs.” 80/100
“A game which clearly delivers richness and varied pleasures. Granted, it’s not perfect, especially from a purely technical standpoint, and it will probably not surprise as much as its illustrious ancestor did back in 2000, but its generosity, the excellence of its artistic direction and cyberpunk universe, supported by a sublime soundtrack, draw us right in for a long adventure from which it’s very, very difficult to break free. I can’t wait for a follow-up that could be freed from the constraints that clearly limited what the developers ambitionned to deliver originally… because Deus Ex Human Revolution still marks the return of true cyberpunk in videogames. Let’s pray it doesn’t leave us again for another 10 years.”

games(TM)- 80/100
“It may not be as revelatory an experience, and in today’s age feels as derivative as it does inventive, but it still has us excitingly discussing tactics and angles of approach with fellow players long after we’ve finished playing. Surely there’s no greater testament to Eidos Montreal’s success than that.”

Official PlayStation Magazine UK- 80/100
“A curious hybrid: a stealthy shooter with RPG-like exploration and storytelling. It’s not as direct as a sci-fi COD, nor as expansive or open as Fallout. Instead, it’s somewhere in the middle. But that’s also what makes the series special, and Human Revolution does the Deus Ex name proud, providing an absorbing world to investigate and a satisfying freedom to play by your own rules.” [Sept 2011, p.100]

Xbox 360- 89 (based on 21 reviews)
PS3- 90 (based on 10 review)
PC- 89 (based on 12 review) 

Keep hitting us with links to more reviews and we’ll keep updating the page. And stay tuned to GB, we will have our own review soon!

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