Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mega Guide: Infinite Praxis Points, Money Cheat, Collectibles Locations And More

A complete guide for Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided is now available and we have a complete guide for the same. Using this guide you will be able to earn lots of money and credits in the game, get hold of unlimited and infinite Praxis Points, find locations of collectibles such as emails, laptops, passwords, eBooks and Praxis Kits. We also take a look at some of the rare and essential weapons and their respective locations, how you can craft items and the several augmentations in the game.

Lastly, we have includes video guides for some of the trophies and achievements in the game that will help you to unlock them. Deus Ex Mankind Divided is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and according to our review it’s pretty good game.

You can check out the complete guide below and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Essential Weapons Locations:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers players a lot of choice in terms of playstyles- even within a given style, such as lethal, players get a lot of choice owing to the sheer number of weapons and tools that they have at their disposal.

There are so many that trying to pick one can become an exercise in dizziness and even frustration. Thankfully, we’re saving you the trouble by listing out some essential weapons that you need to get, as well as listing out how to get them.

Silencer Mod: In Prague, in the Taskforce 29 Building, go upstairs into Vincent Black’s office. To the left, you should find his safe. Open it (either by hacking, or by using your multi tool)- there is a Silencer Mod inside.

Lancer Rifle: In Mission 7, once you reach the area called “The Throat”, drop down into the trench and move left, where you will seecontainer house on its side. Climb in from the window, and on top where you see a ladder. Go up the ladder and into the elevator. Cross the yellow beam upon the elevator stopping, making sure to follow the narrow ledge path. Ignore the second ladder you see- Instead, drop down and follow the yellow beam left, until you see a weapons briefcase.

Grenade Launcher: In Mission 13, when you are in Hangar 1, go up the stairs, and pick up the Grenade Launcher from a weapons rack.

Lot of Credits And Money:

There is an easy way to farm a lot of money- it’s just a tedious and repetitive process, is all. In the third side mission, ‘Get The Calibrator,’ near the beginnong of the game, go down into Russian mob’s basement- wipe the place out. You don’t have to kill anyone, but you do at least need them knocked out.

Don’t pick up any of the shotguns (shotguns are what everyone in there seems to be carrying). Go to the vendor next to the ladder entrance of the basement, and sell one shotgun already in your inventory. It will sell for over 75ocr. When you sell it, go back down into the basement, and pick up one more shotgun (only one) to sell.

The reason you don’t pick up all of the shotguns at once is because of how Deus Ex handles its inventory- you only get to to keep one of a specific kind of weapon in your inventory and any other weapons of that kind you pick up become ammo for it- ammo can be sold for cheap, while shotguns are nearly a thousand credits. And there are almost a dozen of them in the basement! So just pick them up one at a time, and keep selling them.

Infinite Praxis Points Cheat:

Praxis Points are necessary to craft Praxis Kits in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided– and Praxis kits are definitely something you want as much of as is possible. There seems to be an exploit that will let you gain an unlimited amount of Praxis Points. You should look into it now, before it is patched out.

Play Breach mode until you get a free Praxis Point for use in the main game. Load your current save in the single player campaign, go to inventory, and redeem the Praxis Point. After this, save your game, quit from it completely (so not just to the main menu- exit the application and close it entirely) and then reboot it.

Load your recent save. Go to the inventory, and you’ll find a Praxis Point still there. Redeem it, save, and quit. Repeat as many times as you find it necessary.

Infinite Money Cheat:

Another glitch that can help you gain infinite money exists in the game- for this glitch, you need to have the ability that lets you take on two enemies at once. The glitch lets you duplicate enemy weapons and sell them apiece. As with the previous method, it can be a bit of a grind.

Find three non hostile NPCs with weapons, and attack two of them, picking up their weapons and dropping them elsewhere in a safe location. Lure the third NPC to revive the other two. Leave with the weapons they dropped sell them, and return. Stun the first two again, pick up their dropped weapons, take them to a safe location, and repeat the process.

Items Crafting Guide:

In a series first, Mankind Divided lets you craft consumables and items by using parts that you find. Below, you can find crafting recipes and instructions:

  • Multi Tool needs 120 parts
  • Typhoon Ammo 3-Pack needs 75 parts
  • Biocell needs 120 parts
  • Mine Template needs 75 parts

Collectibles And Locations:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an obsessive compulsive hoarder’s wet dream, featuring a staggering amount of collectibles for the player to hunt down- emails, laptops, passwords, eBooks, Praxis Kits, and far more hidden collectibles and easter eggs are waiting for the enterprising player to happen upon them. The video below shows you how to get your augmented hands on every last one of them.


Its a Deus Ex game, so of course it has augmentations. Augmentations make a return in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but unlike in Human Revolution, their implementation here is vastly improved. Augmentations in the game are divided into seven categories, which co-relate with Jensen’s body parts and hacking abilities. They are balanced by a mechanic known as system stability- if you activate too many augmentations, your in-body system will become unstable.

Cranium Augmentations

Represent augments for Adam’s brain, and help with dialog choices or hacking:

  • Social Enhancer
  • Hacking Capture
  • Hacking Fortify
  • Hacking Stealth
  • Infolink

Eye Augmentations

Include better radar, tracking, and identification abilities for Adam:

  • Stealth Avatar
  • Lidar Mark-Tracker
  • Smart Vision
  • Retinal Prosthesis
  • Wayfinder Radar System

Torso Augmentations

Affect Adam’s heart and lungs, as well as his energy consuming battery supply:

  • Sentinel RX Health System
  • Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter
  • Implanted Rebreather

Arm Augmentations

Enhance Adam’s weapon wielding and strength abilities:

  • Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis
  • Cybernetic Weapon Handling

Back Augmentations

By far the most imaginative ones, and ones which let Adam deploy a whole host of devices:

  • Icarus Landing
  • Quicksilver Reflex Boost
  • Typhoon

Skin Augmentations

Change Adam’s body, and can be used to approach situations non-lethally or aggressively

  • Glass-Shield Cloaking
  • Rhino Dermal Armor

Leg Augmentations

Allow Adam to be more subtle or more powerful

  • Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis

Achievements And Trophy Guide:

Using the video guides below you will be able to unlock most trophies and achievements within the game.

We Are Human Beings

You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on any difficulty.


You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided without killing a single soul. Bosses are people, too.

Foxiest of the Hounds

You triggered zero alarms during an entire playthrough.

I Never Asked For This

You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the highest possible difficulty. Hats off.

A Heated Combination

Enter a classic numerical code in the game’s first keypad.


Cross enemy territory like a ghost, raising no hostile reaction from anyone.

Singh No Swan Song

Have Singh’s back when it matters most.

Honor Holds Us All Together

You completed the debate with Otar Botkoveli.

The Golden Rookery

Find the missing Gold Penguin and return him back to his colony.

Core Driller

Use the Ice Drill to bypass a large section of the GARM facility.

Time Traveler

You managed to bring Koller the Neuroplasticity Calibrator before he even asked you for it.

Tablet Collector

Collect and read every unique eBook.

Ruthless Efficiency

Fully upgrade a weapon of your choice.


Fully upgrade a branch of your Augmentation Tree.

And Embrace What You’ve Become

Install at least one experimental augmentation.

The Jack of All Augments 

Invest in at least one augmentation in every branch of the Aug Tree.

The Invincible Body, Fighting an Iron Devil

Block an incoming enemy explosive with the Titan Shield.

Slow & Sharp

Land an Explosive Nanoblade Shot on three enemies at once while the Focus Augmentation is active.

This Is Great For Spring Cleaning

Use both Knockback & Precision functions of the P.E.P.S. Arm Cannon at least once.

Ramming Speed!!

Ram Dash into an enemy NPC with a fully charged Icarus Dash.

Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down

Land an Icarus Landing & Strike on foes and clear out the pack with the Typhoon. Just to make sure.

Invisible War

Incapacitate a cloaked enemy while still remaining cloaked yourself.

Ground Mail Was a Better Option

Flawlessly disable a Drone via Remote Hacking.

****! Taser Fist!

Lock-On and deploy the Quad Arc upgrade of the Tesla Knuckle on four enemies at once.

I Can Only Fight Enemies I Can See

Complete one Hacking Challenge with Fog Security without using a Reveal Software.

All in the Family

You aided Otar when he sought help with a family matter.

Adept of the Metaverse

Engage in all Tutorials in Adam’s first mission in Dubai.

Fresh Out of the Package

With Koller’s help and the Neuroplasticity Calibrator, eliminate overclocking for experimental augs.

Data Disciple

Breach: Complete all servers in the Tier 1 Network.

Data Detective

Breach: Complete a Darknet file.

Data Expert

Breach: Complete all servers in the Tier 2 Network.

Data Master

Breach: Complete all servers in the Tier 3 Network.


Spokes in Two Wheels

You managed to stop both the bombing & the Orchid poisoning. You’re a living legend!

He’s [Not] Dead, Jim

By using the Antidote, you saved the life of Jim Miller.

Laputan Machine

You used Marchenko’s Kill Switch to defeat him, proving that some things can cut deeper than steel.

The Net Is Vast and Infinite

Using Jim’s keycard, you infiltrated the NSN and viewed a recording without triggering any alarms.


You opted to work with the Samizdat group & spread their news throughout Picus media streams.

K is for Kazdy

You freed K and Bones from the prison cell and escorted them to safety.

The Harvester

You convinced Detective Montag that neither Gunn nor Radko could be the murderer.

The Golden Ticket

You made a tough decision as to whether Irenka Bauer or Edward Brod would get to stay in Prague.

The Last Harvest

Using the CASIE and Dr. Cipra’s keyword, you convinced Daria she isn’t who she thinks she is.


You pieced together the mysterious contact and aided Helle in remembering who she really is.

Cult of Personality

By uncovering the key to Richard’s persuasive powers, you broke his control and freed his followers.

Handle with Care

You helped Olivie escape Prague.

Neon Nights

You halted the production of Neon in the city.


You Know What To Do.

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