DICE – Battlefield 3 To Be More Responsive On Consoles

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Many people had issues with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, especially when it comes to the control sensitivity. I’m talking about the consoles of course, since PC’s do not have to deal with this problem. Well, good news for people who were turned off by the slight unresponsive controls in Bad Company 2; Battlefield 3 will be a massive improvement when it comes to sensitivity and controls.

Alan Kertz, who works at DICE and had worked on  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well, reassured the fans that the controls wont be a problem for Battlefield 3. He acknowledged that Bad Company 2 had problems and optimizing the controls were their top priority. When asked about the controls, he said they are much more optimized and have higher sensitivity range on the consoles than other Battlefield console games.

“We’ve really improved responsiveness and control, and also given more sensitivity range than previous BF console games,” he replied to a response to a question by a Battlefield fan.

Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be a terrific game on both the PC and the consoles. Controls are important because that’s what makes CoD stand out compared to the other shooters on the consoles. 60fps is a huge advantage which really helps the responsiveness of the controls. Battlefield 3, doesn’t run at 60fps but half the frame rate of CoD but considering the scale and the graphical might, we’ve to say it truly provides a ‘Battlefield’ like experience.

Optimization of the controls is good news, since many shooters do not get that right, especially a promising one called Killzone 2. It was a graphical beast on consoles but the controls dragged it down and hence it reflected in the sales, but considering Battlefield 3 does have 1.25 million pre-orders already, it looks secure in the sales department. We will come to know how well it performs and wins over gamers’ heart later this year.

Meanwhile, tell us in the comments section below. Do you prefer CoD controls? Or enjoy the controls of Bad Company 2 or Killzone 2? We would love to know. Battlefield 3 releases on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 25th.

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