Does the Playstation 3 have the best exclusives in 2010 and 2011?

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I must say that this time around in 2007, the Playstation 3 was struggling for AAA games to hit the market. But what a turn around, the PS3 has a great line up in 2009 and arguably the best exclusives this year. But that doesnt end there, We at take a look at the some of the big games on Sony’s beast in 2010 and also the games expected in 2011. So here’s the elite list:

Year 2010

Heavy Rain


Heavy Rain should be on your wish list in 2010. With realistic graphics and engaging cinematics, Quantic Dream’s next is surely going to deliver in 2010.

Massive Action Game

Too bad that the 2009 game is being delayed, but if the end game will be better than do you really care? MAG will bring 256 players at one time and on one map. And that only means one thing: Awesomeness and Mayhem!


The Agency


Though very little is known about the game, but The Agency should give players a lot of fun while playing online. Gamers can become agents for UNITE and PARAgon organizations. The game should be pretty good since its being devloped by Sony Online Entertainment. But fingers crossed on this one.

Gran Tursimo 5


Announced way back in E3 2005, Polyphony Digitals elite racing simulator just cant be missed by any racing fans. With thousands of cars and damage being introduced in the series first time, GT5 cant get any bigger and better!

Resistance 3


Please dont go mad at me! I know this isnt announced by Insomaniac, but judging how the first two came in 2006 and 2008 than the third should logically come in 2010. On a side note who wont love to take the fight to Chimera?

Year 2011

Now before I moved ahead with  this section of the article, let me make clear that the following is specualtion, but I can guarantee you that most of the games listed below  will see the light  in 2011

Final Fantasy XIV Online


Teased at E3 2009, the game is about Eorzea’s nations used to be constantly at war with each other which brought about the destruction of the land. As the name suggests we can expect some sort of online functionality.



Another PS3 exclusive also announced at E3 2009 is expected to hit in 2011. Very little is known about this game. Another Rockstar exclusive for the Playstation 3.

A New Ratchet and Clank Game


Judging how Insomaniac has supported the Ratchet and Clank franchise with DLC last year and a new game this year, there is a very high chance that we will see a Ratchet and Clank game in 2011.

Socom 5

After the disappointment with Confrontation, Zipper Interactive just cant put away the Socom series. Agreed they are working on MAG now, but a new SOCOM game should be on the cards somewhere!

Well I do agree that we might have missed a few games here and there, so what about reminding us in the comments section below?

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