Doom 4 on PS3 could have more data than PC and 360 versions- John Carmack

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It’s no secret that id Software is working on Doom 4, and now that they’ve got Rage out of the way and in the market, they’re focusing all their time and resources on Doom 4.

John Carmack, in an interview with Merlininkazani, talked a little about Doom 4 and what we can expect from its different versions.

Carmack says id could probably put more content  on the PS3 version of Doom 4 than the PC and Xbox 360 versions, basically because of the Blu-Ray’s space capacity.

“The videos are just using the normal game data,” he said, when asked if the new videos of Rage were made using the Super Texture Pack he recently talked about and if the same will be used for Doom 4,” he said.

“There is a decent chance we will fill the PS3 Blu-Ray with more data than we ship on DVDs for Doom 4, but we will have to see how much trouble it is maintaining two complete builds of the data.”

He also mentions an unique streaming tech for the PC that could provide more detail, but he is not sure whether he wants to take risks with it. It’s logical that it will take a lot more server and bandwidth requirements and id is not sure whether they can commit to it.

“I would love to let the PC stream extra detail over the net when needed, but that would take a significant server and bandwidth commitment that I’m not sure we can make.”

We don’t have any specific release date for Doom 4, but it should be out within the next couple of years, considering that it’s been in development for a long time now.

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