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id Software and Bethesda’s DOOM, the reboot of the long running, pioneering first person shooter franchise, is finally here- and it is, defying all expectations, actually great. The game is like a modern age rendition of the classic franchise, retaining the spirit of the original game, while thoroughly updating it for the modern era.

Given just how sprawling DOOM is – unlike modern day shooters, which can otherwise get so linear, and don’t require much help to get through – the thought of playing through DOOM can get overwhelming. That’s where we come in. For everything DOOM, this guide has you covered- from the various collectibles, to the Achievements/Trophies in the game, to tips and tricks for the game’s multiplayer mode, this guide will be your one stop for everything and anything DOOM.


Leveling Up Faster

You don’t play DOOM for the multiplayer – and certainly not this DOOM, which has seen its multiplayer mode be as maligned as its single player campaign has been praised – but if you do decide to dive in, you probably want some basic tips and tricks to be able to hold your own. This section of the guide will help you to level up faster in the multiplayer.

Best Loadout

DOOM‘s multiplayer mode has multiple different loadouts, but you probably want to go into a game with the best loadout possible- otherwise, you could well face a whole lot of defeat in the game. The video below will help you figure out the best possible loadout for multiplayer.

Tips and Tricks

The multiplayer mode in DOOM is quite different from the single player- so even if you have a full handle on how the single player campaign works, you can face issues in the multiplayer mode. The previous sections have already tackled some very specific ways for you to get better in the multiplayer- but this section’s videos will help you get some basic tips and tricks that can help you get a better feel for how the multiplayer mode works in general.

COLLECTIBLES (Secrets, Data Logs, Guards, Cells, Drones, Trials, Automaps, Elite Guards Upgrades and Praetor Tokens)

Given just how sprawling the map in DOOM is, and how non linear progression through it can become, it can be hard to find everything hidden in the nooks and crannies of DOOM‘s maps. That’s where this section of the guide comes in- the videos below will help you to find every collectible hidden in each mission of the game.

Each of these videos is actually a playlist, and each playlist is separated by chapter, with each video showing you all the collectibles you can find in a certain chapter- so be sure to go through all of the videos in each of the playlist below, to ensure you miss nothing as you blast your way through the Martian base!

Classic Map/Level Lever Locations

Additionally, the video below will help you find all classic map/level lever locations- there is one per mission, so make sure you don’t miss any!


SnapMAP is a new feature in DOOM– at its most basic, it is a level editor, but it essentially allows players to create new maps and modes, and then share them with each other. The tools are simple enough that beginner players can pick up on content creation very fast, but deep enough that advanced players won’t feel hamstrung.

SnapMAP is available across all platforms, and all creations are actually cross platform, too. If you want to get a handle on how it works, the video below explains it pretty well.

And if you want more SNAP points – since they govern what you can and cannot do in the mode – the video below will teach you of an easy way to earn 100,000 of them every hour:


Unlike previous games in the series, this new DOOM has multiple different kinds of upgrades that can help you become more powerful with time, gaining new abilities for your character and gear. This section of the guide walks you through the three different kinds of upgrades available- Weapon upgrades, Rune upgrades, and Suit upgrades.

Weapon Upgrades

Almost every weapon can be modified by interacting with Field Droids. Once you modify a weapon, you can further upgrade it with weapon points (or credits) obtained from completing various tasks like exploring, or completing challenges.

Pistol: Gets the charged energy shot, which lets you hold down a button to let out a charged round.

Shotgun: Gets two improvements:

Charged Shot- this can further be upgraded four times:

  • Speedy Recovery, for 1 credit (reduces recharge time)
  • Rapid Fire, for 3 credits (increases rate of fire)
  • Quick Load, for 5 credits (reduces loading time)
  • Power Shot, unlocked by killing 5 Mancubi with the Charged Burst (Successfully hitting all 3 shots will increase damage of next burst)

Explosive Shot- this can be further upgraded four times:

  • Speedy Recovery, for 1 credit (reduces recharge time)
  • Bigger Boom, for 3 credits (increases area of explosion)
  • Instant Load, for 5 credits (reduces loading time to zero)
  • Cluster Strike, unlocked by getting 20 direct hits on Imps (Getting a direct hit will spawn cluster bombs)

Super Shotgun: Can get the following upgrades, which can improve its effectiveness:

  • Faster Reload, for 3 credits (Decrease Reload Time)
  • Uranium Coating, for 6 credits (Shots penetrate through targets)
  • Double Trouble, unlocked by killing multiple demons with a blast 30 times (Fire twice before having to reload)

Heavy Assault Rifle: Gets two improvements:

Tactical Scope- can be upgraded four further times:

  • Uranium Coating, for 1 credit (Bullets fired while zoomed in penetrate through targets)
  • Skull Cracker, for 3 credits (Bullets fired while zoomed in deal additional headshot damage)
  • Light Weight, for 5 credits (Lets you move faster when zoomed in with the Tactical Scope)
  • Devastator rounds (Ammunition fired while zoomed uses experimental, heavy damage rounds)

Micro Missiles- can be upgraded four further times:

  • Ammo Efficient, for 1 credit (Reduces ammo cost for missiles)
  • Advanced Loader, for 3 credits (Reduces reload time)
  • Quick Launcher, for 5 credits (Instantly activates missiles)
  • Bottomless Missiles, unlocked by hitting 4 different demons in 5 seconds (Lets you fire missiles without having to reload)

Chaingun: Gets two improvements:

Gatling Rotator- Can be upgraded three further times:

  • Improved Torque, for 3 credits (Increases spin-up speed)
  • Uranium Coating, for 6 credits (Bullets now pass through targets)
  • Incendiary Rounds, unlocked by getting 5 kills in 5 seconds (bullets deal more damage at max rate of fire)

Mobile Turret- Can be upgraded three further times:

  • Rapid Deployment, for 3 credits (decreases deployment time)
  • Uranium Coating, for 6 credits (Bullets now pass through targets)
  • Ultimate Cooling, unlocked by killing 4 or more demons during a single turret deploy 5 times (Turret no longer overheats or stalls)

Plasma Rifle: Gets two improvements:

Heat Blast- Can be upgraded four further times:

  • Super Heated Rounds for 1 credit (Shots from the Plasma Rifle now build heat much faster)
  • Improved Venting for 3 credits (Reduces weapon recovery time from a Heat Blast)
  • Expanded Threshold for 5 credits (Increases amount of heat that can be contained resulting in more damage)
  • Heated Core, unlocked by killing multiple demons with a single Heat Blast 20 times (heat is generated passively, with no ammo costs)

Stun Bomb- Can be upgraded four further times:

  • Quick Recharge for 1 credit (Quicker recharge time)
  • Big Shock for 3 credits (increases size of detonation)
  • Longer Stun for 5 credits (increases stun time for demons hit by Stun Bomb)
  • Chain Stun, unlocked by killing 30 stunned demons (Demons killed while stunned release another stun detonation)

Gauss Cannon: Gets two improvements:

Precision Bolt- Can be further upgraded three times:

  • Energy Efficient for 3 credits (reduces time to reach max charge between shots)
  • Light Weight for 6 credits (lets you move at maximum speed while zoomed in)
  • Volatile Discharge (Demons killed by Precision Bolt will explode dealing more damage)

Siege Mode- Can be further upgraded three times:

  • Outer Beam for 3 credits (beam has an area of effect around it now)
  • Reduced Charge Time for 6 credits (reduces charge time)
  • Mobile Siege (Allows movement in Siege Mode)

Rocket Launcher: Gets two improvements:

Remote Detonation- Can be further upgraded three times:

  • Improved Warhead for 3 credits (causes larger blasts)
  • Jagged Shrapnel for 6 credits (Demons hit by detonation will take increased damage and bleed over time)
  • External Payload, unlocked by killing 3 or more demons with a single detonation 15 times (Explosives mounted outside the rocket will now detonate without exploding projectile)

Lock-On Burst: Cannot be upgraded

Suit Upgrades

Suit upgrades in DOOM let you gain some impressive abilities that can help you during exploration and during combat. To get these suit upgrades, you need tokens that are found off the dead bodies of Elite Guards located in every level.

There are multiple kinds of upgrades:

Environmental Resistance:

  • Hazard Protection for 1 token (Decreases explosive barrel and environmental damage)
  • Self Preservation for 2 tokens (Decreases damage done to self by weapons)
  • Barrels O Fun for 3 tokens (Makes you immune to damage from exploding barrels)

Area Scanning Technology: 

  • Item Awareness for 1 token (Automap reveals items around you in a larger radius)
  • Secret Sense for 2 tokens (Compass pulses near secret areas)
  • Full View for 3 tokens (Exploration items appear in Automap automatically)

Equipment System:

  • Quick Charge for 2 tokens (reduces charge time for equipment)
  • Stock Up for 3 tokens (Increases total number of equipment charges)
  • Rapid Charge for 4 tokens (Reduces charge time for equipment further)


  • Adept for 2 tokens (faster weapon switching)
  • Quick Hands for 3 tokens (faster ledge grabbing)
  • Hot Swap for 4 tokens (faster weapon mod swapping)

Rune Upgrades

Unlike the other kinds of upgrades in DOOM, Rune upgrades are activated by equipping runes which give you a permanent benefit, as long as the rune in question is equipped. Those runes can be further upgraded by completing challenges. Some of the available Ruin upgrades are listed below:

  • Savagery: Perform 25 unique Glory Kills when the rune is equipped to upgrade
  • Intimacy is Best: Stagger 100 Demons to upgrade
  • In Flight Mobility: Kill 30 demons in mid-air to upgrade
  • Armored Offensive: Get 2500 Armor Points to upgrade
  • Blood Fueled: Kill 50 demons during the speed boost to upgrade
  • Saving Throw: Kill 10 demons while Saving Throw is active to upgrade
  • Seek and Destroy: Kill 75 demons to upgrade


Complete The First Mission of the Campaign

Knee-Deep In The Dead
Complete the campaign on “I’m too Young to Die”, “Hurt Me Plenty”, “Ultra-Violence”, or “Nightmare”

A Toe Into Madness
Complete “The UAC” on Ultra-Nightmare.

Up Close and Personal
Kill 50 enemies using the Chainsaw

Earn the Mastery for a weapon mod

Earn the Masteries for all weapon mods

Hot Swapper
Acquire all weapon mods

Find all Data Logs

Timing is Everything
Use explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies

Every Nook and Cranny
Find all Collectibles

Argent Overload
Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity

Argent Fiend
Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run.

A Gift From Beyond
Earn a Rune

The Circle Is Complete
Earn all ruins

Fully upgrade a Praetor Suit category

Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run

Thorough Shopper
Complete all Challenges for a single mission

Perform 200 Glory Kills

Rip and Tear
Glory Kill all common enemy types in the campaign

Juicin’ It Up
Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups

Momentum Shift
Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups

Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups

What Else Ya Got?
Complete all Mission Challenges on a single campaign run

Win a Multiplayer Match

Combat Tested, Doomguy Approved
Reach Level 5 in Multiplayer

Create and publish a SnapMAP

No Rest for the Living
Play 5 published SnapMAPs

Complete the SnapMap Basic and Advanced Tutorials

Shoot It Until It Dies
Defeat the Cyberdemon

Outnumbered? No Problem
Defeat the Hell Guards

Who’s Next?
Defeat the Spider Mastermind

Into the Unknown
Warp to Hell

An Old Friend
Acquire the BFG

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