Dragon Age Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon Guide: Puzzle Solution, Tips, Achievements & More

A complete guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s first piece of downloadable content, Jaws of Hakkon, is finally available. The DLC is pretty short and it will likely take you only a few hours to complete it. Most of tips tricks such as infinite gold, XP, cheats, skills and more from the base game might apply here as well but we have a complete guide for the DLC regardless.  Using this guide you will get know all the tips and tricks on how to get started with the DLC, a complete achievements and trophies guide, miscellaneous video guides on encounters, puzzles and more.

How To Get Started With The DLC:

Once you have access to the  Jaws of Hakkon DLC, you need to find it under the Current Quests tab. Before you go ahead, make sure your party level is at least 20 which means you need to already have a existing save of the game. Now you can dive straight into the DLC if you wish, but get ready to die a lot. In short, it’s not worth it and its best to reach to level 20 and then give the DLC a shot.

So, once the DLC is installed, a new quest will get unlocked in Frostback Basin area. From there you need to War Table in Skyhold and select Investigate Frostback Basin which will require you to spend 8 Power. Accept the mission and this is where the DLC will begin.

Achievements and Trophies Guide:

Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC brings in four new achievements and unlike the main game, unlocking them is fairly straight forward. For unlocking Firestarter, You need to destroy all winter shards which are basically white orbs. In order to this, there are fires that you need to light up in areas where templars are present. Two of them are hidden on a balcony and one behind a locked door. In order to unlock Legend-Marked, you need to complete each and every mission given to you by Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold. Historian will get unlocked after you beat the final boss of the DLC and finally Winter’s End will automatically get unlocked after the closing cutscene and dialog.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:

The videos below will walk you through any puzzles or encounters that the player will come across in Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

Judgment of a bear with all possible options:

Scout Harding & Iron Bull get it out of their system:

Scout Harding is afraid of treehouses:

Scout Harding calls Cullen ‘uptight’:

‘On Ameridan’s Trail’ Puzzle solution and guide:

Solas mentions Fen’Harel:

Scout Harding gift which is stained with blood:

Orlesian and Avvar’s little cakes:

Iron Bull is not fond of Demons:

Strange Avvar Gift:

A Meeting With Inquisitor Ameridan:

Memories of Inquisitor Ameridan:

Ameridan and Cassandra discuss rebuilding Seekers:

How to get past the Barrier in ‘On Ameridan’s Trail’:

An Ugly statue needs moustache and a hat:

Varric meets his Avvar fan:

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