Dragon Age Inquisition Mega Guide: Infinite Gold, XP, Cheat Codes, Crafting, Skills And More

A complete guide for Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Dragon Age Inquisition is Bioware’s most ambitious game till date. Using this guide you will learn how you can level up faster, farm experience points [XP], earn infinite gold, enable and use several cheat codes, unlock all companions, craft your weapons and armors, and upgrade them.

We have also compiled a guide for how you can kill you first dragon along with locations for all ten High Dragons in the game. We also have complete video guides for all the skills and abilities for each class in the game, collectibles such as hidden treasure and rune schematics.

We also have a guide on where you can find your first horse, mount tips and how you can buy all the mounts in the game. We have also inclided general tips and tricks for tactical cameras, AI Pathing and Movement, Classes and Specializations. And finally we have fixes for errors that you may come across on the PC version of Dragon Age Inquisition.

How to level up faster or farm experience points [XP]:

Using the video guide below you will be able to level up faster and farm experience points. Using method described in the video below, you will be able to earn 500 experience points and you can spawn as many times as you want.

Infinite Gold Cheat And Skipping War Table Missions:

Here is how you can earn infinite gold and skip war table missions. You need to select any mission from the war table that grants gold upon completion. Then you need to change the time of your console or gaming PC by an hour forward. Go back, the mission will be completed earning you gold. Rinse and repeat.

Cheat Codes:

Update: Users have been able to use a Cheat Engine table that changes the camera to tactical mode. You can read about it here. We will update this section as we get more information on cheats and cheat codes.

It must be noted that the cheats below worked for the PC version of  Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. However it’s possible that they may not work for Dragon Age Inquisition. We will keep track of any cheats that we came across and accordingly update this section. However the money cheat above is confirmed to be working. In the meantime, let us know what works for you in the comments section below.

First of all you need to enable console command in order to enable cheat codes. For that you need to make a short cut to dai.exe and then right click it, select properties and in the Target field you need to write enabledeveloperconsole. Start the game and press tilde key (~) when you are playing the game. Then enter any of the following cheat.

runscript zz_supercrit gen00fl_(companion name in lowercase): Chosen companion receives 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity.
runscript killallhostiles: Kills all enemies.
runscript injury remparty: Removes injury from your companions.
runscript pc_immortal: You can sustain unlimited damage.
runscript addxp x: Adds experience points.
runscript zz_supercrit player: You will earn 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity.
runscript chargen mage : Changes player to a level 2 mage.
runscript chargen rogue: Changes player to a level 2 rogue.
runscript chargen warrior: Changes player to a level 2 warrior.
runscript bowlingforferelden: Forms a shield.

Update: The following console commands are confirmed to be working in Dragon Age Inquisition. Most of them are related to the technical aspects of the game. Hit the tilde button on yourkeyboard to enable these:

e RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable
RenderDevice.TrippleBufferingEnable 1 (Enable Triple-Buffering)
RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 2 (Force rendering only 2 frames ahead)
Perfoverlay.DrawGraph 1 (Show Performance Graph)
Perfoverlay.DrawFPS 1 (Show On Screen FPS)
Screenshot.Render (Take Screen Shot)

Update: Unlimited Amulets:

You need to reach Skyhold and unlocked Crestwood on your map table. The player then needs to Travel to Crestwood and find the village and find a locked up house. Now you need to enter it. You can do so by draining the lake and closing the rift OR have the Deft Hands perk. Once unlocked you will find a loot bag with a chest. The loot bag will have the amulet of power, take it and have atleast one item in the loot bag. Leave Crestwood and fast travel again to it. Enter the house again, rinse and repeat the steps above.

Unlocking all companions:

Iron Bull: This Warrior is an optional companion and can be unlocked by going to Storm Coast, during The Captain of the Chargers Mission.

Vivienne: This Mage is an optional companion and can be unlocked by starting Imperial Enchanter Mission.

Sera: This Rogue is an optional companion and can be unlocked by going to Val Royeaux during A Friend of Red Jenny Mission.

Dorian: This Mage is an optional companion and can be unlocked by starting In Hushed Whispers mission.

Cole: This Rogue is an optional companion and can be unlocked by starting The Forgotten Boy side mission.

Cassandra: She is available right from the beginning of the game. She belongs to the Warrior class.

Varric: He is available after you finish the initial battles of the game. He is belongs to Rogue.

Salos: This mage will be available along with Varric.

Blackwall: This Warrior is an optional companion and can be unlocked by going to Hinterlands, during The Lone Warden Mission.

Crafting Weapons, Armor and Upgrades:

Using this guide you will be able to know all about crafting, how to acquire rare schematics and farming materials. This guide will also help you understand how to make weapons, armor, and upgrades.

Dragon Guide:

How to kill your first Dragon:

The Fereldan Frostback is the first dragon you will face in the game. This dragon is susceptible to cold and you can do major damage by attacking its legs.

How To Find All 10 Dragons And Their Locations:

There are 10 dragons in the game. You can find all of them using the video guide below.

Skills and Abilities:

The skill structure in Dragon Age Inqusition is extremely expansive. The video below takes a detailed look at the same.


There are different types of collectibles in the game. Let us take a look at some of them.

Hidden Treasures:


Calenhad’s Foothold

Mountain Fortress:




Rune Schematic Location:


Master Frost:

Horses And Mounts Guide:

Free Horse:

Reach the Hinterlands and begin the Master Of Horses side mission. You will then need to talk to Master Dennet who will ask for a free Ferelden Forder. As you exit the house you can take one of the horses in the stable.

Mounts Tips:

Mounts Locations:


Taslin Strider: After Dennet joins.

Orlesian Courser: For 285 after unlocking Haven.

Amaranthine Charger: For 627 after unlocking Halamshiral.

Free Marches Ranger: For 627 after unlocking Halamshiral.

Anderfel Courser: For 1200 after unlocking Adamant.

Imperial Warmblood: For 1200 after unlocking Adamant.

Green Dales Feral: For 200 after unlocking Haven.


Basking Longma: For 812 after acquiring Hunter Shade Dracolisk and capturing keep in Emprise du Lion.

Blue River Baner: For 812 after acquiring Hunter Shade Dracolisk and getting Inquisition rank 9.

Desert Lightning: For 1800 after acquiring Hunter Shade Dracolisk and capturing keep in Western Approach.

Sharp-Tail: For 4400 after acquiring Hunter Shade Dracolisk and getting Inquisition rank 9.

Hunter Shade Dracolisk: After killing one High Dragon and completing Hunter Shade Dracolisk.

Abyssal Hang-Tooth: For 385 after acquiring Hunter Shade Dracolisk and capturing keep in Crestwood.


Brecilian Sure-Foot: For 450 after acquiring Inquisition rank 5.

Pride of Arlathan: For 1400 after scouting Emprise du Lion.

Wild Hart: For 2300 after scouting the Exalted Plains.

Tirashan Swiftwind: For 641 after scouting Emerald Graves.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:

Tactical Camera:

Classes & Specializations:

AI Pathing and Movement:

Rogue Level Planning:

Mage Level Planning:

Warrior Level Planning:

Maximum Influence and Power:

Go to Skyhold and then meet the merchant near the courtyard. Then selected Buy/Sell and go to Other tab and buy any influence or power items you can afford. Then go to Sell and sell the item back to merchant. Do it as many times as you want but when you exit the Buy/Sell, you will still be able to get all the influence and power.

PC Version Errors And Fixes:

Unable to connect to Dragon Age Servers: Restart the game on install Origin again.

DirectX Crashes: Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.

No Voice During Cut-scenes: Check your audio drivers. Re-install if the need be.

Missing DLL [MSVCP110.dll] Error: 0x7e: Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.

Black screen After Loading Screen: Try running the game in compatibility mode of Windows 7.

VC++ Runtime Redistributable Package Error Fix: Install all the executable files in the redist folder of your game’s directory.

This guide was lasted updated on January 9th. 2015. We have added console commands, unlimited amulets cheat and maximum influence and power.

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