Dragon Age Inquisition: NPC’s Intelligence And AI Won’t Be Dumbed Down

Dumb AI is dumb. Who would have guessed?

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Don’t you just hate it when you’re playing a game, rocking a claymore wielding berserker and you roll up to an enemy stronghold expecting the fight of your life…and then the boss gets stuck on a bench? Well that’s because dumb AI is, frankly, dumb. And what makes it worse is sometimes this stupidity leaks into your team mates which is less than perfect.

But  was speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle recently where they asked if team mates are going to require constant micro management because of their rampant stupidity (I’m paraphrasing of course).

Bioware Producer Cameron Lee addressed these issues in Dragon Age Inquisition in an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle. “I don’t know that you have to micro-manage people in Inquisition, you can if you want to, but the AI is pretty intelligent. So, they will do things like, for example, if you have Cassandra in your party – she’s a warrior, and if you’ve built her to be kind of like a tank warrior, an offensive warrior, she’s going to try and draw aggro across everyone, all the enemies around her.”

“In particular try and draw the agrro from enemies you’ve got targeted as well. So, they’ll be quite intelligent in how they react. And of course from there you can customize how those companions behave and what sort of abilities they use more often than others and how they use their own resources in terms of health, and stamina, and mana, and stuff like that as well.”

This concerns me to be honest, this doesn’t mean AI has been improved. This just sounds like the Dragon Age Origins Tactics system has been refined. Which really doesn’t mean the AI is good, it just means they are responding to actions that you’ve given predetermined responses. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

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