Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Guide – How To Earn Zeni, D Medals, and Instant Transformations

Bypass some more of the grind and gain powerful advantages with these handy tips.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a game full of different grinds and the grind for Zeni, the main currency, is one of them. Fortunately, earning Zeni isn’t that difficult. You can start off by selling different items including mission rewards you don’t really need. Golden Fish Scales are especially valuable, selling for 3000Z each. Gifts are also pretty valuable – try selling some you don’t need. Make sure to sell Fancy items as well since they’re worth a lot.

A good grinding loop is to hunt creatures, capture them for items to sell and gather the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron (this opens up after returning from Namek at the end of the Frieza Saga). Once Shenron is summoned, wish for 30,000Z. The Dragon Balls will then be dispersed and you’ll have to wait 20 minutes to summon Shenron again.

So go back to your usual routine of hunting, fighting, completing side missions and selling items while looking for Dragon Balls on the side. Before you know it, a healthy bank of Zeni should be built up.

Instant Super Saiyan Forms

Transforming to higher forms of Super Saiyan is necessary especially in tougher battles (like Villainous enemies). However, there’s a way to go from the base form to Super Saiyan without having to spend any Ki. First, you need the Training Room – it pops up during the Cell Saga when Imperfect Cell shows up.

Next, get the Training Rom to level 10 (which requires you to be level 90 and over so look out for this in the end-game). This should give you Know-How that unlocks instant transformations. Equip and level up the Know-How. This will allow for hitting higher and higher forms of Super Saiyan without expending any Ki. Perhaps the best part is that it also works with Kaioken and characters with enhanced forms like Piccolo.

Earn D Medals Quickly

D Medals are used for Training Quests and will grant new skills and abilities. Given the sheer amount of characters, you’ll need quite a few D Medals. The best way to earn them quickly – aside from completing different quests – is the Z Encyclopedia. It provides D Medals for each unlocked entry and these can stack up as you progress through the game.

But if you want to unlock some entries quickly, look for memorial spots. If you give 1000Z to Witch Baba, she’ll note a memorial spot. Head there to immediately unlock new Z Encyclopedia entries. Combine this with the Zeni farming method above and you’ll be set.

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