Dungeon Defenders II Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Dungeon Defenders II.

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Dungeon Defenders II Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Dungeon Defenders

Trendy Entertainment

Trendy Entertainment


Genre:Tower Defence

Release Date:2015

Dungeon Defenders II is an upcoming tower defense video game with action role playing game elements that is currently being developed by Trendy Entertainment, an independent American developer who are best known for their work on their previous title Dungeon Defenders.

The game is currently slated to be self published by Trendy Entertainment and is already available on PC via the Steam store page where the game is currently in it’s testing stages by way of the early access scheme.

At this time, there’s no known precise release date for the game. Instead, it’s set for a vague 2015 release window. As mentioned above, the game is currently available as an early access title on Steam for Microsoft Windows PCs, but the game will also be coming to the PlayStation 4 at some time in 2015.

It’s not yet known for sure if the game will come to other platforms, its predecessor was launch on multiple platforms, so this title may see a multi platform launch in the future.

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Trendy gathered some negative press associated with their name in 2013 when a Kotaku report branded the studio as “toxic” with president Jeremy Stieglitz thought to be the problem. Since then, as a direct result of the Kotaku report which was titled “Investigation: A Video Game Studio From Hell”, it has been announced that Stieglitz will not be supervising the development team of Dungeon Defenders 2.

Trendy Entertainment announced in December of 2014 that Dungeon Defenders would be launching on the PlayStation 4 as a free to play tower defence video game with action role playing game elements that will serve as a sequel to Dungeon Defenders. Trendy’s Philip Asher has already commented on the ps4 and PC builds of the game, saying tat they two versions will be “pretty much identical”. Both versions will support micro transactions when they are finally released.

Though we do know that the PS4 version of the game will have a reworked HUD, to better accommodate the console audience. The PS4’s HUD will be ported across to the PC build of the game, this will enable PC gamers to make use of a controller. Speaking about the matter, Asher has said, “It’s a loot game, so just getting controller support in isn’t necessarily enough to play the game. We have to create an actual UI system that will let you manage your inventory.”

Elaborating on the game’s choice of platform, Asher said, “We thought about it for a while, and really the best fit for us was Sony and PlayStation with the free-to-play. That’s how the console version came about. I think the game’s a lot of fun to play on the controller.”

Asher all but confirmed that the game will eventually come to other platforms, he said, “It’s going to be exclusive for 2015. Right now it’s exclusive.” This points towards a timed exclusivity agreement rather than a permanent platform exclusivity deal.

Development details on the game have been rather sparse, we have instead been given information regarding planned features for the game by way of a development roadmap. A note in the roadmap reads, “We’ll be adding new features, improving existing systems, iterating on balance, and creating new content.”

Some of the future features included player owned pets, a number of end stage bosses, the aforementioned controller support and tweaks to the HUD and UI. The game will eventually feature local cooperative play. Speaking about this, Asher said, “The thing that’s most exciting to me is someone can go to Walmart and buy a PS4 and then go home and sit down and play something like this with their brother or sister without spending any money.”

There will also be new game modes added to the game, though there are no specific details about this yet. The developers are implementing “Toxic Player Controls” which will apparently help “To stop those nasty AFKers”. AFK = Away From Keyboard ie: Absent players.

Some customisation options will be included in the game by way of costumes and embellishments. The game will feature a “Wave Director Game Mode” which likely means a custom wave mode. The game is also going to have support for badges, achievements and trading.

A summarising quote from the roadmap reads, “More Heroes, More Spec Nodes, More Maps, More Combos, More Enemies/Enemy Types, More Special Stats.”



The story of Dungeon Defenders will see the player fighting off the armies of “The Old Ones” with your team of fierce heroes. It’s up to you to build the ultimate defence and save Etheria.


Dungeon Defenders 2 pc ps4

Gameplay remains largely unchanged at a fundamental level with players taking control of their chosen hero to repel the enemy by building defences and engaging them in combat, be it ranged or up close and personal.

There are however a number of comparisons to be drawn between Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Defenders II. For example, the player’s Mana has been split into three separate categories. There’s Gold Mana, which is used to purchase things in the game. There’s the Building Mana which is green in colour and is used exclusively for building towers in the game. Finally there is Skill Mana which is blue in colour, this is used to power a Hero’s abilities.


Dungeon Defenders 2

Given the already large and growing roster of Dungeon Defenders II, we will list the four basic character classes in the game.

The Squire – The Squire is a knight in training that makes use of mighty spikes and blades.

The Apprentice – The Apprentice is an eager practitioner of the arcane arts that combats the foe from afar.

The Huntress – The Huntress is a skilled trapper and explosives expert, skills that she puts to good use when slaying enemies with her crossbow.

The Monk – Unlike most that carry the title, this Monk has turned from a path of pacifism to defend his land by employing aura energy to heal friends and cripple foes.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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