Dust 514: 10 Reasons Why It Might Be The Best Online PS3 Game Ever

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Skill variety

Even the vehicles are customisable. What more could you want?

Much like its MMO older brother, Dust 514 seems set to have a huge amount of skills and upgrades available. Developer CCP has already claimed it will take a single player seven years to max out every skill in the game, thus forcing players to specialize into roles that they are comfortable with. This could be disheartening if skill development is too slow a process, but the scope for team mechanics is exciting indeed.

A persistent battlefield

As Dust 514 is constantly connected to EVE Online, it means that the battles you fight occur within and affect a persistent world. Every win or loss will change the control and balance of power of a particular planet, meaning your performance will have real world effects in EVE Online. No pressure then eh?

Mercenaries for hire

They may have all the starships, but they need us as much as we need them.

In comparison to the big corporations in EVE, Dust players will merely be the mercenaries that the larger groups can hire to take control of planets and their resources. That doesn’t mean the mercenaries are insignificant though, as this kind of player interaction will certainly lead to interesting situations and personal politics within the ever-expanding EVE Online community for both EVE and Dust players alike.

Direct intervention

So those big guys in EVE who are hiring you? Well don’t think they’ll just abandon you while you’re on the job. Hell, if they’re really serious about you succeeding, then they can directly aid you with orbital strikes. If you spot a target on the planet you’re fighting on, should a nearby ship see it, they can choose to shoot at the planet’s surface; a strike that would surely tip the tides of battle one way or another.

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