EA Sports UFC 4 Guide – How to Perform Submissions, and All Fighter Stats

Find out how to execute submissions, strike opponents in submission and more.

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Along with all of the new mechanics in EA Sports UFC 4, there’s a new submission system for players to master. A variety of submissions are on offer, from flying submissions to joint submissions, so let’s take a look at what you need to know to survive. First off, pressing LT/L2 along with RT/R2 will initiate a joint submission.

One of the newer things that can be noticed is a circle and two bars – red and blue – appearing when a joint submission is performed. If you’re applying the submission, then you control the red bar and must hover it over the blue bar (the opponent) to submit them. If you’re defending against a submission, then avoiding the red bar is key.

You can also strike an opponent during a submission via button prompts that pop up. Once they pop up, hit the corresponding face button to attack. Alternatively, defenders who hit the prompt first can defend against a strike. When performing a submission, some button prompts will pop up for either performing a Submission Chain or a Submission Slam. These are good for outwitting an enemy, though they can also be used against you.

Next up are flying submissions. Here are the different flying submissions that can be performed:

  • Pull Guard – RB/R1 and X/Square in the over under position
  • Guard Pull into Sweep to Mount – RB/R1 and Y/Triangle
  • Flying Triangle – LT/L2 and RB/R1 and Y/Triangle
  • Back Rear Naked Chock – LT/L2 and RB/R1 and either X/Square or Y/Triangle from back clinch.
  • Standing Guillotine – LT/L2 and RB/R1 and X/Square from Muay Thai or single under clinch positions to enter the Standing Guillotine position. Then press X/Square or Y/Triangle for the submission.
  • Flying Omoplata – LT/L2 and RB/R1 and X/Square in the over under clinch position.
  • Flying Armbar – LT/L2 and RB/R1 and either X/Square or Y/Triangle in the collar tie clinch position.

All Fighters and Stats

There are dozens of different fighters to choose from, each with their own ratings in different stats like Punch Speed, Punch Power, Accuracy, Kick Power, Kick Speed, Blocking and so on. Each fighter also has their own perks that further defines their play-style. Check out the video below to see detailed information for each fighter. Choosing the one that fits you approach and then practicing extensively with them is the best route to victory, even if it can take some time to get all the nuance down.

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