Egress Dev Would Like To See CPU Upgrades In Xbox One X, 12GB Memory Won’t Impact PC Requirements

Fazan Studios’ Constantine wants the Xbox One X’s CPU to be improved, which in turn will help eliminate “bottleneck” of modern games.

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Egress promises to be hugely interesting- a battle royale game (this isn’t the interesting part, there are like dime a dozen of those these days), with a Souls-like battle system. Yeah, I bet that got your attention right there, didn’t it?

The game was announced some time ago for PS4, Xbox One, and PC- and really, if there is to be a battle royale game that manages to carve its own niche within what is becoming an increasingly crowded market, it will be one like this one, which offers something totally fresh and unique.

GamingBolt recently had the chance to sit down and talk to Constantine from Fazan Studios, and during our discussion, the conversation turned to the consoles, and what Fazan Studios, as developers, think of their hardware. For instance, one of the things that we were curious to know about was whether or not the presence of more on-board memory on the Xbox One X – it has 12GB of RAM over the 8GB on the Xbox One and PS4, and 9GB on the PS4 Pro – may impact the RAM requirements for PC games.

Constantine’s answer? As long as games are developed for the standard consoles as the baseline, no, that won’t happen.

“No,” he said. “We are still primarily optimizing the game for the basic models of consoles of the current generation – PS4 and Xbox One. The presence of Xbox One X with 12 GB RAM will not affect the minimum required amount of RAM.”

He also talked about the underwhelming CPU on consoles, including the Xbox One X, which notably saw significant improvements in other areas, and how it bottlenecks game development. “It’s no secret that the “bottleneck” of modern games and technologies associated with the games is the CPU,” he said. “So yes, I’d be happy to see more significant CPU upgrades on the Xbox One X.”

Of course, it’s too late for any of the consoles on the market to fix a hardware weakness such as that- that said, Constantine is possibly referring to software upgrades where things like command processing and more core allocations can be provided (just like what Microsoft did with the Xbox One).

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