Fallout 4: What To Expect From E3 Gameplay Footage

Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference and Fallout 4 gameplay video is only a few hours away.

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Fallout 4

As previously discussed, the graphical fidelity of a Fallout game is of little consequence. But if you ignore the visual fidelity, which I reiterate is fine based on what we’ve seen, then you’re left with the gameplay experience. So what can you expect to see at E3? First person view, and a lot of it. Even if they have worked to tweak and improve the third person camera view, the game will most likely be predominantly played in a first person perspective.

Sure, exploring is good in third person mode because you can see more of you environment, but it’s a safe bet to assume that the demo will mostly be in first person. One of the biggest worries for Fallout 3, was how the 3D real time game world would incorporate a mechanic as intricate as V.A.T.S. This system was missing from the Fallout 4 announcement trailer, so if it’s present in the game, we will probably see it in some form at the show tomorrow.

Of course, we will also see new gameplay mechanics. The developers aren’t stupid, contrary to what many a raging fanboy would tell you. They have seen what can be done with their games by looking at the vast wealth of mods made available, and many of these mods make sense. Be it backpacks for carrying, weapon and armour customisation or even just the tweaking of already existing mechanics, you can expect the stage show to be (in part) prefaced by something like, “now you can do this” or, “we’ve changed how you do this”.

Fallout is most popular on PC, so by keeping the visuals somewhat lacking in comparison to other games, they will most likely make a game that will run well on more systems, regardless of whether they are high-end or not, thus boosting units sold and overall revenue. Besides, the game looks pretty good as is. 

I also think the demonstration will be as long as Skyrim which last around 20 minutes back at E3 2011. Hopefully the demonstration will also focus on how big the world is this time around, NPC behavior and how dynamic the side quests could be. Hopefully, Bethesda will give us an in-depth look at the combat system, new skills and gadgets.

And lastly, I am expecting a subtle, but impactful intro. The long story short here, is we will either get more VO from Mr Pearlman, or Three-Dog is going to introduce us to the game.

What are your expectations from Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference tomorrow? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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