Final Fantasy 15 Brand New Details On Behemoth, Boss Battles And Monsters Revealed

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Director Tetsuya Nomura recently revealed some new information surrounding Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy 15, which was announced to be the new moniker for Final Fantasy Versus 13 going forward.

In regards to many oft he co-operative attacks between party members, Nomura stated that, ““The starting point will have a sense of control that is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts’ ‘easy and refreshing action,’ so it won’t be difficult. Most of it will come pretty naturally to you. We’re currently testing out different operational methods with each hardware. Regarding allies, in addition to cooperative attacks, there will also be situational actions, which will be part of various scenarios in battles.”

We already know about Behemoth and the Iron Giants that Noctis fights against, and how you can aim for specific body parts along with climbing on enemies like the former and riding them. Nomura also revealed details about the water-based monster, Leviathan.

“There’s a battle where Leviathan is causing a waterspout. There’s a scene that shows a fight inside the tornado while jumping between the debris of collapsed buildings. I believe that boss fights will feature such particular flashy situations,”  he said in an interview with Famitsu.

Nomura also revealed that the water nation of Accordo seen in the trailer is inspired by Venice, which he visited in 2004 and 2005. Along with Accordo and Lucis, there is Solheim and Tenebrae which make up the crystal-protecting nations. However, Lucis is the only nation left now with a crystal.

Regarding the combat, it was already decided that players will switch weapons automatically depending on the combos. However, it’s being changed in such a way that players can equip their own weapons when they please.

As for the comparison between Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 15, Nomura stated that, “While Final Fantasy XV focuses on the realistic side of things, Kingdom Hearts is more about the ‘bold action’. In short, it’s about having movements that wouldn’t be possible, but making it look real instead of unnatural. In a way, it connects it to Kingdom Hearts’ fresh characteristics.”

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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