Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Side Quests Are on the Same Level As the Main Story – Nomura

Apparently, Square Enix chose to focus on quality over quantity.

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Square Enix are being incredibly ambitious with the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remakeas they look to massively expand upon one of the most beloved games of all time in terms of everything from the combat to the story. The story in particular is something they’ve been talking about quite a bit of late, and the question of just how much new content there is going to be in the remake is a pertinent one. After all, it’s looking to make a full-length Final Fantasy game out of what was only a 4-5 hour-long section in the original Final Fantasy 7.

Something that Square Enix have mentioned earlier is that the game will still largely follow the same larger story beats as the original- which, of course, means that most of the new content we see will have to come in the form of sub-stories or side quests. So does this mean that the side quests in the game will be quality ones, and ones that can bear the heavy burden of responsibility being thrust upon them? According to director Tetsuya Nomura, that is exactly what that means.

Speaking in an interview with Famitsu, Nomura explained that the side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be on the same level in terms of quality as the main quests themselves. Nomura revealed that he and the development team had originally wanted to put a lot more side quests in the game than what it ended up having, but realized that they couldn’t develop that many side quests satisfactorily.

As such, they decided to focus on a smaller number of side quests, while also making sure that the ones that were in the game were of a high quality. Elsewhere in the interview, Nomura also stated that though there won’t be too many new characters in the main story, there are many that will appear in secondary roles in side stories.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out on the PS4 on April 10. It recently went gold, which means there’s no chances of any more delays.

Check out a bunch of new gameplay footage from the highly anticipated remake through here. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for your FF7 fix and just can’t wait till launch day, you can try out the game’s demo, which is out now.

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