Final Fantasy XV Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XV.

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Final Fantasy XV Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix

Square Enix

Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Genre:Action Role Playing Game

Release Date:2015

Final Fantasy XV is an upcoming and long awaited entry into the long standing Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy XV is a fantasy action role playing game that is currently in development by the 1st production department of Square Enix which collectively handles the Fabula Nova Crystallis, Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. The title is also set to be published by Square Enix as is the tradition with Final Fantasy titles.

The game, which will be running on the Luminous Engine (the Luminous engine is an engine tailored towards specific aspects of a game, it will be running alongside another engine) to aid in achieving a “realistic” look will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is no solid launch date as of yet, but the title is expected to arrive around Q1-2 of 2015.

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The development cycle for Final Fantasy XV has been (and still is) a long and convoluted one that has resulted in many rumours and stories of the the title being stuck in “development hell” or having been shelved and thought dead, but recent events have shown that the title is very much alive , the process of development began (at time of writing) over 8 years ago.

There is no concrete evidence that gives us a date that tells us when the development cycle actually began, but what we do know is that Final Fantasy XV was in development before it was first shown to the public during E3 of May 2006. At this stage in its life the game’s  title was Final Fantasy Versus XIII and it was to launch on the PlayStation 3. The team working on Final Fantasy XV is wide and varied, ranging from the 1st production department of Square Enix and the team behind Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (a computer animated  movie), who specifically will be handling the pre rendered portions of the game, undoubtedly playing to their strengths.

Serving as the 15th entry into the main line of Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XV is set to be a much deeper experience than the earlier titles. It’s said to play host to a much more gritty and realistic atmosphere that will feature a range of human emotions, a far cry from the often cheesy and unrealistic portrayal of characters found in previous entries that lingered to long in the uncanny valley at times.

Games Director  Tetsuya Nomura said that their goal is that when the player holds a controller and plays a role-playing game, they should be immersed into the world. As players of the Final Fantasy franchise will have come to expect the game will be employing a series of large environments, but there’s no information as to whether the game will actually be an open world or a series of hub location Final Fantasy games.

A few ideas for the game were scrapped due to their inconsistencies with the games play style, like removing the HUD entirely, a modern day setting (though some of these ideas and assets remain in place) and the use of first person camera views, whilst others were ruled out by the more powerful folks at Square Enix; one of these being a plan to turn the game into a musical after Nomura (a devoted cinephile)  was “moved” by the 2012 movie version of Les Miserables featuring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hataway (which is often cited by critics now as a travesty of film cinematography, despite it’s numerous awards. So perhaps it’s a good thing that this idea was scrapped by the higher ups).

The title Final Fantasy XV only came into being after the games development process started to be too drawn out, with the Final Fantasy universe expanding rapidly around it and the constant increase in content, the title Final Fantasy Versus XIII was dropped and the game was assigned a numerical entry into the franchise.

The game is set to take place in large expansive areas that are alleged to blend together seamlessly, to this end and to compliment the games new action orientated combat system and third person action mechanics, Nomura instructed his team to study the finer nuances of third person action games such as the environments and the moods they can inspire, saying “Our intention with Versus XIII is to create a more action-oriented system with more intuitive controls, but this doesn’t mean the entire game will be action. The only firm instruction I’ve given the team is to look at the best examples of the third-person shooter genre – not in simplistic terms, like controls or mechanics, but in the way they create tension and mood and incorporate the action within that.”

Since then, the game has seen many different internal iterations, many of which we’re not even aware of. The game fell silent for quite some time showing up every now and then at conventions or reveal projects (like that of the Xbox One). However, at E3 2013 the game was officially given it’s name change and the details announcing it’s multi platform  release plan.


final fantasy XV cast

Gameplay in Final Fantasy XV is from a third person perspective with the players character able to travel the large game world on foot or by a variety of vehicles, the player can also make use of the iconic Chocobo to speed their journeys along. Despite claiming to make use of a striking and new combat mechanic, it’s actually somewhat archaic in it’s approach to interacting with the enemy.

Somewhat similar to the Kingdom Heart games from Square Enix, the player need only choose an option (attack, magic etc) and their character will perform the action. The players party is built of 3 characters that can be switched between in combat to make use of their individual skills and abilities. Characters from the party can chain their attacks together in a rush of the enemy, but on top of that the summon of creatures returns to the series and if the player ceases the moment in combat they can take advantage of the enemies own contraptions, including their tanks and mechanized units. In a change to the series, these enemies will seamlessly integrate into the environment without the need for repetitive (and often frowned upon) load screens.


After a long war has raged between two forces vying  over the Worlds much revered crystals a truce is declared between the Kingdom of Lucis (who posses the worlds last crystal) and the Nifheim which brings a close to the cold war. But on the day that this truce is to be finalized and the required treaties signed, Lucis is invaded by Nifheim and makes of with their last remaining crystal. Whilst Noctis and his friends escape the invasion forces, they make plans and strike back when able in an attempt to reclaim the Crystal, their efforts complicated by the ongoing war.


Noctis Lucis Caelum – The players main character, gifted with the ability to see heavenly light and sense the demise of others. He’s also the apparent heir to the Throne of Lucis. Noctic is a loyal friend.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia – Ignis is a voice of reason who is well versed in matters of logic and classical schooling, this was due to his want of counselling the king to be, Noctis.

Prompto Argentum – Perhaps a bit of an outcast with an attitude that rankles some, he still remains eager and loyal so he can help the royalty.

Gladiolus Amicitia – A lord from one of the noble houses, despite his families oath to protect the crown and by extension Noctis he shares a friendship with Noctis that goes deeper than oath.

Cor Leonis – A legend from Lucian Lore who walks amongst the people. The lord commanders skill in matters of war are only surpassed by his devotion to his king.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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