First Video Walkthrough for Aliens: Colonial Marines – MUST WATCH

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Here is the first video walkthrough for a game people have been waiting so long for, hell I forgot about it…  Aliens: Colonial Marines.  This INCREDIBLE video is a demo of footage from the game narrated by Gearbox Software President, Randy Pitchford (who I vote should play a role in the next Aliens film).  Amazing references to the series and films with the video showing off a much more personal experience that sticks much closer to the original franchise/films.

It is drop in/out 4 player co-op… Power Loaders anyone?  This game could not have been made by a better team as you can see and hear from the video they are hardcore, dedicated Alen(s) fans.  The video goes pretty in depth considering what we has seen so far.  You will be able to step into the shoes of a Colonial Marine to take on the historical well known Aliens in the 4 player co-op FPS in early 2012, for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  If you liked this movie called Alien, released in 1979 along with its sequels and you like video games, this is one title for you.  Personally I cannot wait for this game.

In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and developed by critically acclaimed studio Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines will bring new levels of bone-chilling suspense and adrenaline-filled action to the renowned franchise. The game pits players against the universe’s ultimate alien killing machines, the Xenomorphs, in claustrophobic environments guaranteed to produce blood curdling thrills that the movie is renowned for.

Aliens: Colonial Marines begins with an ostensibly abandoned ship, the U.S.S. Sulaco, recovered in orbit around LV-426. Players lead a group of highly trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe. Aliens: Colonial Marines features authentic environments, such as the surface of LV-426 and Hadley’s Hope, weapons inspired by the film series and is designed to provide an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe.

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