Footage shows Dragon Quest Heroes On PS4 At 1080p

Aw yeah! yeah! YEAH!! DO IT AGAIN!

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DQ by Abriael

Have you ever seen something that just makes you step back and say, “whoa”. Like the first time you stepped out onto Halo ring and looked up and seen the curvature of the ring. Well that’s kinda how I felt after watching this video.

I love Dragon Quest, it’s not even funny. It took of a great portion of my life, there’s just something about smashing blobs upside the face that is a great pass time. Now I’m used to seeing this play out in a turn based system. I thump someone, they batter me back. Repeat until you have more numbers left in your health gauge.

So I was watching the video thinking, this is pretty cool. Then at 1:40, it’s like we’re suddenly playing monster hunter…and I’m so down with that.

Seriously, put this on full screen at the highest quality level you can stream and just enjoy it. Don’t think about it or try and find certain mechanics or things worth spotting, just watch. It’s a thing of beauty.


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