Forspoken Guide: All Magical Spells Types And How To Unlock All of Them

A complete guide to unlocking all spells in Forspoken.

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In Forspoken you’ll need to learn magic if you want to survive in the dangerous world of Athia. In this guide you’ll learn about Forspoken’s magic system, including the different categories of spells and what effects they do when you cast them. Let’s begin!

What are the different types of magic in Forspoken?

Frey can learn four different kinds of magic. They are:

  • Frey’s Magic (Purple magic) – Earth-based 
  • Ola’s Magic (Green Magic) – Light-based 
  • Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic) – Water-based
  • Sila’s Magic (Red Magic) – Fire-based 

In Forspoken there exist distinct schools, each comprising a set of spells that can be learned and mastered to enhance one’s offensive, defensive, and movement capabilities. In the upcoming sections, you will discover all the spells associated with each magic school, along with their respective abilities.

How to unlock magic in Forspoken

At the start of the game, Freya possesses Purple (Earth-based) magic. However, to access additional magic schools, she must overcome the bosses of Athia. Defeating Tanta Prav grants access to Blue, Water-based magic. Defeating Tanta Ola unlocks Green, Light-based magic. Finally, overcoming Tanta Sila grants access to Red, Fire-based magic.

How to unlock new spells and upgrade them in Forspoken

Once a magic school is unlocked, you can unlock new spells from within that school or upgrade existing ones using Mana. 

Types of Purple Magic Spells (Earth-Based)

Purple Magic Offensive Spells

ShotFires chunks of rocks
Shield ShotCharges ahead while creating a defensive shield, which when released is blasted forward
Shield Shot Lvl 2Conjures a bigger shield
Shield Shot Lvl 3Conjures and even bigger shield
Burst ShotFires chunks of rocks dealing AOE damage
Burst Shot Lvl 2Fires explosive rocks dealing damage over a broader area
Burst Shot Lvl 3Fires explosive rocks dealing even more damage over a wider area
Scatter ShotWhile charging, fires a steady stream of rocks and when released, unleashes a high-impact projectile
Scatter Shot Lvl 2While charging fires rocks faster, and the end projectile also deals more impact
Scatter Shot Lvl 3While charging fires rocks even faster, and the end projectile also deals even more impact

Purple Magic Defensive Spells

BindUses weeds to tie up enemies
DisperseSprout flowers in a selected area and they throw rocks at enemies
ImplantFires seeds that deal damage over time
LeechSprouts poison-curing plants that heals you automatically over time
PrimePlaces an explosive magical trap that activates when stepped on, dealing AOE damage
ScreenDefend against enemy attacks by surrounding yourself with stones
TendrilSends out an ivy whip that deals damage and heals based on the total damage dealt

Purple Magic Parkour Spells

FlowGrants high speed parkour and movement
LeapClimb higher by kicking off walls
ShimmyKicking off the ground to accelerate

Purple Magic Other Spells

BurrowSends out roots that seek items, and the rate at which your Support Magic recharges is proportional to the amount of loot found.
Cut and RunBlows open the ground and deals damage over a wide area, propelling you backward (also activates Frey’s Magic).
ModifyUse crafting skills to transform Breakshards into shards of other categories
RarifyIncrease the level of Breakshards by combining ones of the same type
VivifyLet’s you use crafting skills to modify your necklace’s capacity to increase your health

Types of Green Magic Spells (Light-Based)

Green Magic Offensive Spells

DartShoot out projectiles of magical light that mark enemies as targets for charged attacks
Storm DartReleases electrical energy over a small area while charging up and when the button is released, you unleash a shockwave that strikes darts embedded in enemies
Storm Dart Lvl 2Unleashes a more powerful shockwave over a wider area
Storm Dart Lvl 3Unleashes a deadly shockwave ever an even broader area
Seeker DartReleases lightning that seeks out darts rooted into enemies and deals damage as it moves
Seeker Dart Lvl 2Boosts electrical attack power
Seeker Dart Lvl 3Further boosts electrical attack power
Pulse DartReleases a light beam seeking out and shooting through enemies with darts rooted in them.
Pulse Dart Lvl 2Beams deal more damage
Pulse Dart Lvl 3Beams deals even more damage

Green Magic Defensive Spells

AggressionShoots out darts in an arc marking enemies for charged attacks
CompensationCauses Surge Magic to charge quickly when you use Flow to evade enemies; also Heightens the senses
CompulsionSummon exploding floating mines in the air that detonate on impact with enemies
DisplacementCreate an illusion of Frey that draws enemy aggro
DistortionEngulfs enemies in a confusing mist that forces them to attack each other
ProjectionThrows a storm-charged spear that discharges electricity nearby
SublimationSlowly heals you by absorbing the life force of the surroundings
TempestCalls lightning to electrocute enemies over a broad area
Tempest Lvl 2Calls lightning to electrocute enemies more severely
Tempest Lvl 3Calls a devastating lightning to electrocute enemies

Green Magic Other Spells

DiversifyLet’s you use crafting skills to add a fourth skill so a necklace
High and SeekMoves at high speed while firing magical light projectiles at enemies and also switches to Olas’ magic
SpoofEvade attacks by leaving behind a replica of yourself
SuppressionMakes it harder for enemies to locate the user by erasing their essence, but, the skill is canceled by sudden movement

Types of Blue Magic Spells (Water-Based)

Blue Magic Offensive Spells

BoltLunches a ball of water that levitates in air until a charged shot is fired, at which point the ball dissolves to boost damage
Chain BoltFires an arrow when charging and a second one upon release, and the skill deals bonus damage if both arrows hit the same spot
Chain Bolt Lvl 2Increases the arrow’s bonus damage and damage and the target can be paralyzed if both hit the same spot
Chain Bolt Lvl 3Bonus damage and damage is increased further and the target can be paralyzed if both hit the same location
Cluster BoltFires a single arrow which breaks in midair and rains down bolts over a broad area
Cluster Bolt Lvl 2Bolts deal more damage
Cluster Bolt Lvl 3Bolts deal even more damage
Fan BoltLaunches a group of magically linked arrows dealing damage throughout the areas it passes through
Fan Bolt Lvl 2Arrows deal more damage
Fan Bolt Lvl 3Arrows deal even more damage

Blue Magic Defensive Spells

AblutionCreates a purifying rain that cures status ailments causing slow stamina recovery
BrumeThe enemy is surrounded by an obscuring spray making it difficult for them to spot you
CataractCreates a watery vortex that pulls in enemies while damaging them
Cataract Lvl 2Holding down the button launches sends out water pillars that attack the enemy
Cataract Lvl 3Holding down the button for a longer period sends out icy water that freezes enemies
EagreCreates a water barrier that sends enemies flying
InundationHeightens the senses which in turn increases the critical hit rate of Frey’s Spells
MaelstromCalls forth a watery pillar in an area that protects you from ranged attacks
NaedreLaunches a poisonous water column towards the enemy, inflicting venom on everyone it touches
OublietteEntraps the enemy in a watery ball, striking which causes an AOE explosion

Blue Magic Parkour Spells

FloatSoften fall by manipulating gravity
GlideSkim across the water surface by manipulating gravity

Blue Magic Other Spells

AlbGreatly reduces the damage caused by a single piercing or unblockable attack
FortifyLets you use crafting skills to increase the defense provided by a necklace
Up and AwayUnleashes watery attacks while leaping into the air.

Types of Red Magic Spells (Fire-Based)

Red Magic Offensive Spells

Arc SliceSlices through with a magical sword in a wide area. The range is reduced in midair, but it deals more damage
Arc Slice Lvl 2A more powerful slice that also gives out a high impact shockwave
Arc Slice Lvl 3An even more powerful slice with a an even more high impact shockwave
Blast SliceLaunches a magical spear that damages the target and also deals AOE damage.
Blast Slice Lvl 2Throws a powerful spear
Blast Slice Lvl 3Throws an even more powerful spear
Rage SliceWhile charging, unleashes a barrage of magical punches and uses explosive force to send the enemy flying when released
Rage Slice Lvl 2Unleashes a more powerful explosive force
Rage Slice LVl 3Unleashes an even more powerful explosive force
SliceSummons a magic sword to attack the enemy

Red Magic Defensive Spells

AegisSummons flames to get rid off effects that reduce attack and defense.
BombardierKicks enemies backward, and triggers an explosion that deals AOE damage
ChargeRush forward with a magic shield that knock away impacted enemies
CrucibleIncreases the attack power within an area enclosed by walls
FiretrapCreates a lava pool surrounding the enemy
FusiladeConjures multiple projectiles that attack enemies while you’re charging magic
LegionSummons soldiers that attack the enemy

Red Magic Parkour Spells

RushUsed to flow faster
SoarClimb higher
ZipGrab and move with magic

Red Magic Other Spells

AmplifyUse crafting skills to boost your cloak’s magic improving capabilities
BeaconConjures a light that increases your stamina recovery.
ConflagrationConjures a column that remains on the ground for a while and hits enemies with magma
Conflagration Lvl 2The fire hits harder and over a broader area
Conflagration Lvl 3Even more damage than level 2.
Drag and DropA ranged attack that pulls enemies closer.

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